Best karting shoes: Adidas Kart XLT Boots


Years ago, kart boots looked closer to bowling shoes than cool trainers but brands like Adidas, Alpinestars and Puma have changed the game and make great-looking kartwear. The new Adidas range steps it up another gear and these XLT boots are almost too good-looking to wear. It’s going to be painful seeing them getting scuffed-up, right?

But scuffed they will get, as they’re not just for show. Made of lightweight synthetic leather with anti-abrasion rubber printed areas; featuring a lightweight slip and oil retardant sole for maximum control and durability while the Velcro ankle strap maintains a secure closure and fit. These boots are available in a tidy black/white; a flashy black/gold, a clean red/green and the ludicrous blue/yellow. If you want to look fast, well, here’s your starting point.
Cost: £94.99