Cadet Column

Dylan LeeMike Mills is a worried man right now. While other championship promoters might be concerned about insufficient entries, the Little Green Man Series organiser has been confronted with a massive problem. “I predicted that LGM numbers would be running at around 100 for each round,” says Mike. “This was based upon an expectation of 50 cadets turning out, with single grids in Junior and Senior X30. We are now looking to accommodate double grids in every class. All three classes are oversubscribed and the total number of registered drivers, including reserves, is now approaching 200. Most of the circuits we visit can run grids of 34. Those that can’t are prepared to run “C” Finals.”

The LGM Series for IAME cadet is a bone fide championship, albeit privately run with no MSA or ABkC tag aached. However, the X30 categories, by MSA decree, can’t run as a championship and so it’s surprising that so many should wish to participate. Of particular surprise are the 65 drivers who have registered in Senior X30. It must be 40 years since a senior class was able to aract such numbers without a title at stake. Are these figures an indication that the pendulum may be starting to swing away from cadets back towards older age groups? For those worried that kart clubs are overly reliant on cadet entries, this should be a welcome sign. So what’s the big problem, then?

Unfortunately, large numbers reduce track time. In order
to get through Sunday’s race programme, many clubs with
run six Heats on Saturday. Other things being equal, this should knock off around ninety minutes from practice. When they are paying £50 or more for Saturday practice it isn’t unreasonable for competitors to expect a minimum of four ten minute sessions. With a couple of minutes added on for kart recovery etc that amounts to virtually five hours for LGM categories alone. As most clubs will be including another five classes, you’re talking of more than ten or eleven hours, excluding lunch. Without making special arrangements such as early starts and staggered lunch breaks for officials, such a schedule would be impossible to meet. It’s a big challenge, not only for clubs, but the LGM team too. Little wonder, then, that Mike can be seen wearing a worried frown.