Cadet Update

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Several days aer the ABkC “O” Plate entries officially closed at Rowrah, only 16 IAME cadets had shown interest. However, a spate of late entries pushed up the number 23 contenders.

Fortunately such tardiness wasn’t reflected in race pace. Dexter Paerson topped the charts in Timed Qualifying for IAME Cadet, but he was outpaced by Jonny Edgar in both Heats. Things went Edgar’s way in the Pre-Final, too, as he led this 14 lap race from start to finish, with Paerson never more than a couple of yards behind his rear bumper. None of these races count for much in an “O” Plate, so there was still everything to play for as they awaited the Grand Final which would be run over 18 laps.

Once again, Paerson was content to let Edgar seize the initiative but it looked as though Taylor Barnard would also be joining in the bale. Gradually, though, Taylor began to drop off the pace and soon came under pressure from Harry Thompson. That allowed the two leaders to run their own race, with Edgar eventually claiming his third “O” Plate victory, a record so far unequalled in any cadet class. Harry Thompson and Brandon Martland had a coming together with less than two laps remaining, allowing Bray Kenneally to take 3rd spot ahead of Joseph Taylor.

Thompson was brave enough to try his hand at both cadet classes. He’d proved to be quicker
than anyone else in the Timed Qualifying session for Hondas and promptly won both Heats. Things began to go wrong in the Pre-final when he slipped down to 13th spot just aer the start. Eventually he climbed up to 5th place, before losing another three spots at the finish. Harry quickly made up ground in the Grand Final, challenging for 1st spot well before half distance. Wesley Mason remained unflustered out in front and, when Oliver Clarke made a move on Ben Fayers with four laps remaining, the two leaders were able to increase their advantage by 15 yards or more. Thompson got his wheels in front on the final lap, but Mason recaptured 1st spot several corners later. Wesley claimed his first “O” Plate victory by a couple of feet with Fayers back in 3rd spot ahead of Clarke once more.

Thompson’s 2nd place possibly came as a disappointment aer two outstanding performances in the Lile Green Man Series earlier that month.