Check out our 2018 Custom Racewear Suit!

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For 2018 Karting magazine have teamed up with Custom Racewear who have provided us with a brand new kart suit for 2018. The suit will be used by our official test driver, Piers Prior, in our upcoming event, track and chassis reviews! So be sure to keep an eye on circuit, as you can see by the images below you won’t miss us!

How to purchase your suit from Custom Racewear?

Being the 21st century thankfully you can get in touch via many routes, you can get hold of us through Facebook, Instagram and of course our website The best bet is through our website where you can e-mail us, or you can pick up the phone and give us a call. We will discuss your requirements, explain how the process works moving forward and take it from there.

What else can Custom Racewear do for you?

We cater to all the racers needs, whether it be Kart or Car suits, through to boots, gloves and racing undergarments, all of which are customisable.


Chris McCarthy – Editor Karting magazine

“Custom Racewear have done a fantastic job with the suit. Being racers themselves I was eager to work with them and see what they could do. We left the design down to them with the only instructions being what colours we wanted used and I think they have done a fantastic job. In the suit they have provided us what they have shown is creativity and customer awareness. They had clearly done their research and knew what would have made us very satisfied so I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking to get a suit designed.”

Piers Prior – Karting magazine Test Driver

“The new Custom Racewear suit looks amazing, you can probably see that for yourselves. The colours and design are awesome and it stood out on circuit as much as it did in the paddock. Aside from the aesthetics, it’s so comfy, with a soft lining and breathable panels. The fit is probably the most impressive thing, using their sizing chart it fits like a glove and will be as streamlined as possible. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Andrew & Ben Bishop – Custom Racewear, Directors

“We are super excited to be teaming up with Karting Magazine this year & cant wait for the new suit to be shown off out on track. We really wanted to take the existing design to the next level and give it that extra ‘pop’ and we are delighted with the results. It certainly won’t be hard to find you on track, that is for sure.”

“We’ve a super busy year ahead working more and more customisable racing products, many of which can be found on our website If anyone wants to check out what we’ve been up to check out our all new gallery page & be sure to follow us on FB for regular updates!”

Images courtesy of Josh East