Choose the best karting gloves

Being in control of your kart is essential. Think about it, all the steering input and feel from the wheels come through your hands on the wheel, meaning that a good set of gloves is a must, if it rains and the wheel is slippery not having a good grip can even be dangerous.

It is for this reason that we have searched for the best kart gloves you can get. After a long search we decided that the best gloves that you can get are the Sparco Arrow K-7 Gloves.

Though this design of gloves has been out for ages they are still some of the best selling gloves around, this is down to their comfortable fit along with excellent palm grip and feel as well as being breathable to keep your hands cool. These gloves are made from a lightweight breathable material with pre curved palms for increased comfort. There is also a soft cotton inner liner external seam for greater comfort.

On the palms there are areas of “HTX” high grip material in strategically placed areas so that you can maintain a high level of grip on the steering wheel at all times. Combined with their simple and pleasing design these gloves are a favourite for karters’ globally.

It keeps getting better too; these gloves are reasonably priced for kart gloves as they will set you back around £55, the top of the range Sparco gloves, Tide K-9 H cost nearly £90 meaning that these gloves are good value for money as the features available to you are often only found on the more high end gloves. There are other options for gloves too if these ones don’t match your style, the Alpinestars Tech 1-KX are always a good buy now that they have fixed the problem of the grips falling off with the latest model, they are however a little more pricey at £60.

It is worth having your hands measured for glove size and trying a few different pairs on though as different brands will have different fit so it probably isn’t best to buy online.