Choose the best karting suit

The suit is one of the more important bits of kart wear

Like motorcycle leathers, Kart suits are abrasion resistant and are designed to protect you in the event that you go sliding down the tarmac in a way that a pair of jeans and a hoodie never will. It is important then that a better quality suit will not only offer you better protection, but more comfort as well.

That’s why we have made it our mission to find the best karting suit on the market and we have decided that the Sparco X-light KX-8 Kart suit is the best. The KX-8 is the latest top of the range kart suit from Sparco, following on the immensely popular X-Light K7 the KX-8 has big shoes to fill but with all its driver friendly features and pleasing design, I think it does just that.

The Suit is made from a three layer construction and complies with all CIK-FIA regulations for use in kart racing. The X-Light range has been designed with driver comfort and mobility in mind, for that reason it features fully floating shoulders with four way stretch panels on the lower back for supreme comfort and tailored fit, as well as specially designed air vents on the thighs and arms to cool you when driving.

However; this suit does come at the top end of the market, costing an eye watering £280 but you are paying for a quality product that will easily last you a while, think of it as an investment rather than a purchase. If that price is too steep for you then there is always the Alpinestars KMX-5 suit which is also packed with features but is comparatively cheaper at £240 while The OMP KS-2 is a good buy if neither of those takes your fancy, what’s more I believe that it’s the best looking of the three as well as being the cheapest.

All suit manufacturers have a sizing chart which you can go off so you know which size is best for you but it is best to try one on in store as you may prefer a size up with accessories like a rib protector on.