Clubman Corner The UKC 125cc TaG class

karting-mag-logo-15And then there were six! I am not talking about sides on a 50 pence piece and I’m not talking about England goals in the World Cup final scored by The Walcott. I am talking about the sixth engine eligible to compete on the Clubman class grid, also known as UKC 125cc TaG, and by the time you read this it is likely to be official.Oh yes, I haven’t said what the engine is. Well, it is already included on the 125 TaG grid in the USA, it is an excellent proven power unit and it sounds really great. It is the Biland!

The 250cc 4-stroke has finally been included in the list of eligible engines.It is expected that the weight will be 168kg but, apart from the need to use Maxxis HG2 slick tyres and WT4 wets, the rest of the Biland regulations and engine fiche will be the same as that for Formula Biland. Therefore a big welcome goes to Saxon Motorsport, the UK’s agents for Biland, who have already stated that they are pleased to support the class.

Official acceptance must be ratified by the MSA but I do not expect that to be a problem, so if any Biland drivers want to race at Forest Edge on the first weekend of each month you can now send in your entries. Don’t forget the class also runs at Rissington under the RAFMSA banner and at Bayford Meadows.As mentioned before, Hoddesdon Kart Club at Rye House would also be happy to receive entries for UKC 125 TaG that can now include the Biland engine. As Yazz said (in her 1988 pop record),the only way is up!

The May meeting at Forest Edge saw a new winner in Clubman with Matthew Parr showing a clean pair of heels to Andrew Kenchington who, after a spirited drive, finished 2nd with Oliver Giardino 3rd. Adam Underhill was in close contention until his throttle cable slipped, drastically reducing his speed.Mark Davis on a Biland was also in close attendance in his first outing under the Clubman banner. It was thought at one point during the weekend that Bruce Pope would have been on the podium until a failure caused his demise. So it was an exciting day’s racing with Parr not only taking 1st place but also winning a set of Maxxis HG2 tyres donated by Harm Schuurman UK.

If you own one of the six engines eligible for UKC 125cc TaG you can either race at one of the circuits mentioned previously or you could pester your club to run the class. To find out more please go to or find me at Forest Edge. Check out for meeting dates.

All smiles from Barker after his success

the race but a moment at the complex late on and he was suddenly down to 8th. Payar t was now alone at the front and by the end had stretched his lead to over eight seconds. Barker’s misfire continued for most of the race but with Bennett’s mishap Barker was promoted into the runner-up position putting him equal on points at the top of the championship table.

Desperately holding on to his top hose, Riley managed to salvage some points, clinging on to take 3rd well clear of Olaf Dau (D) in 4th. Meanwhile Bennett had staged a great recover y as he clawed his way back into the top five.
It was great to see Steve Edwards having his best outing for some time taking 6th.Battling his way through from 14th he bested some serious opposition such as Ogeborn in 7th, Hulme 8th and Kennings in 9th. Another having a great race was German Jörg Bernhard, from 31st on the grid he would complete the top ten finishers.

Of the other Brits, Dave Maxim picked up a trophy for 15th in race 2 while Gar y Parkes, Greg Rober t, Dave Har vey and Bob Hosier all finished. White, Chilcott and Crowe were early retirements, while Dan Clowes and Rob Kerkhoven managed a handful of laps apiece.

Report & photos: Robin Haworth


Race 1
1 Graham Barker – GB, Anderson/Rotax
2 Damien Payar t – F, PVP/FPE
3 Gavin Bennett – GB, Anderson/Rotax
4 John Riley – GB, Anderson/Rotax
5 Mar tin Knauder – D, PVP/Yamaha
6 Michael Sadurski – D, PVP/BRC

Race 2
1 Damien Payar t – F, PVP/FPE
2 Graham Barker – GB, Anderson/Rotax
3 John Riley – GB, Anderson/Rotax
4 Olaf Dau – D, PVP/BRC
5 Gavin Bennett – GB, Anderson/Rotax
6 Steve Edwards – GB, PVP/FPE

Championship standings
(after two rounds out of six)
1= Graham Barker (GB) & Damien Payar t (F) 45 points, 3 John Riley (GB) 29, 4 Gavin Bennett (GB) 27, Per-Olov Ogeborn (S) 16, 6
Olaf Dau (D) 13.