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Could Rotax 177 return to Super One full time?

Could Rotax 177 return to Super One full time?


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Question: Could Rotax 177 return to Super One full time? 

With Rotax 177 coming back for a support race at the next round of Super One, Rissington, we want to know if you think the class can return to Super One on a full time basis.


Over the years Rotax 177 produced some fantastic drivers with Dan Holland and Lucas Orrock just a couple of examples!

That is still the case with grids soaring at tracks including Forest Edge where in some cases there has been in excess of 30 drivers.

Lucas Orrock

Lucas Orrock

TKM Extreme proved this year that anything is possible after going from a grid of 9 in 2015 to 47 in 2016. Super One had a combined grid of 207 drivers which is very impressive so will we see more drivers added to that in the form of Rotax 177.

If Super One were to adopt the same tactic they did with TKM Extreme and offer just a two day meeting and restricted costs when it comes to tyres and fuel, may this tempt some drivers back?

What do you think?


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