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Do Cadets need the front fairing sooner rather than later?

Do Cadets need the front fairing sooner rather than later?


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Question: Do Cadets need the front fairing sooner rather than later?

There’s been a lot of talk in the paddock recently about when Cadets are going to have the new front fairing brought in and whether it should be sooner rather than later.

Arvid Lindblad

It’s no secret that the driving standards in the Cadet classes is under increasing scrutiny with the MSA recently releasing a statement that said the driving standards had become ‘unacceptable’.

They also stated “it may be that this is being highlighted with the improvements displayed in other Classes that are now running the mandatory front fairing.”

There are lots of people throughout the karting community crying out for the front fairing to be brought in for Cadets but when will we eventually see it? Or do we need to be looking at other ways to resolve this ongoing problem?

Aiden Neate

One concern about the front fairing coming in is that it could cause a huge amount of penalties, but let’s not forget how many penalties were awarded on it’s first use at PFI.

During the first phases of the front fairing there were reports of over 100 penalties being awarded in one day! Now there are very few with drivers adapting to it’s injection.

Does the front fairing need to be brought in to Cadet racing and if so when should it be brought in? Let us know what you think!


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