Edwards: Mountings To Change Drivers’ Mindset

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CIK-FIA clerk of the course Nigel Edwards says the introduction of front bumper mountings should help to alter drivers’ attitude to racing rather than physically harming competitiveness.

The new bumpers, which are scheduled to be introduced into international competition on January 1 next year, were first tested at the second round of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy at Wackersdorf last month. If severe contact is made with a driver in front, the mounting will drop from its initial position and harm performance. The driver will have to pit to have it repositioned.  “There was a mixed response, as you’d expect when a new  regulation is introduced,” Edwards said. “There was an example of six drivers who’s bumper moved to the floor during one race. Four pitted immediately with two staying out and being excluded after the race because their team had told them to continue. We need to alter that mindset.

“The focus shouldn’t be on the bumpers, it should be on getting the driver’s head in the right place. There’s no need for large contact. It’s down to them to be a sportsman and either take the penalty during the race or be excluded later when scrutineers see the bumper has dropped and they’ve not come in.”