FKS – How the titles were won

A look back at how the four different titles were decided in FKS in 2015

FKS Cadet – Joseph Taylor

The start of the FKS Championship was all about Oliver Bearman who took both wins at Whilton Mill and with Taylor just missing out both times you knew he would fight back hard. He took a win at Round 3 (Silverstone) but Bray Keneally then threw himself into the mix with a win on Sunday. When we went to Nutts Corner you felt a fierce battle would erupt between Taylor and Bearman to settle who would take charge of this championship and law and behold Taylor came out on both days in what was two very ferocious scraps! That caused Bearman to walk away from the championship and from there the series was really Taylor’s to lose. He took a win at Wigan with Max Dodds taking the other and ended his championship in style with a double win at Rowrah. I tipped Taylor in this magazine as a one to watch at the start of the season as I noticed he had paired up with the all conquering Fusion Motorsport. He very much deserved the championship and for me won it with the double victory at Nutts Corner.

Joseph Taylor edit


Super Cadet – Dexter Patterson

The Super Cadet season started with some kid from Northern Ireland called Se’og Martin winning both Finals at Whilton Mil. He came from completely off the radar and threw himself into a mix of championship contenders which before the season only consisted on Harry Thompson and Dexter Patterson. That was helped by two DNS’ from Thompson which massively put him on the back foot! From there the afore mentioned went on to take at least one more victory with the Zip Teammates Keaton Samra and Caden McQueen joining them. So that left just ten points between Patterson, Martin and Thompson going into the last round who ran in that order! With Martin struggling on the Saturday (GYG), Thompson and Patterson were left to settle the championship out front and when Patterson’s teammate Brandon Martland delayed Thompson he was able to get a crucial gap to take victory and further extend his lead over to Thompson by 15 points. This took the pressure off Patterson for the last day and all he had to do was finish in the top five which was what he did and took the championship.

Dexter Patterson edit


FKS Junior – Tom Wood

 The level playing field was something that really brought the drivers together in FKS Junior. Tom Wood and Dean MacDonald with their previous credentials were always going to be title favourites and take victories but how about the likes of club drivers Saul Robinson and Jac Maybin doing the same? Okay so Maybin didn’t win but he took podiums as did two Scottish drivers called Shaun Davidson and Toney Logie who before the championship had never stepped foot out of their home country. All the way from Portugal Cameron Boedler had his turn on the top step of the podium and then at Nutts Corner two days provided two different winners from the home nation, Daniel Harper and Sam McDonnell. Ethan Hawkey was the seventh different winner of the series right at the end whilst Jamie Sharp never quite had the luck to carry him through. But through all of this one driver was always there. Tom Wood was never off the podium taking six wins along the way and as they say it’s consistency that wins you championships and that is why Wood won this one with one weekend to spare!

Tom Wood edit


Super FKS – Ross Martin

 Super FKS was really a championship split into two halves! The first half was all about Ross Martin whose international experience really helped him get on top of the soft tyres quickly. He won the first six finals but it wasn’t so straight forward as he was ran close by Sean Rudge and Max Stilp on a number of occasions. As we started the second half of the championship off at Wigan things then started to change. Martin was handed his fair share of bad luck in the Final of Round 7 with a technical issue and Max Stilp capitalised to take victory. Martin then won Round 8 but from then on it was all about Sean Rudge and I mean quite literally. He never lost a race or qualifying session over the last two weekends, which by my calculations was an FKS record breaker! If only he had better luck in the first half of the season. Other podium finishers included Adrian Hegarty, Jack Tritton, Arvin Esmaelli, and Connor McPolin who joined the championship late.

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