Formula TKM: December, 2011 Formula TKM News

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Written By: Grahame Butterworth

Well let’s start by rounding off the item I finished with last month – a new TKM 2 stroke club championship open to drivers of every level.

The MSA, God bless ‘em, have given their approval to a new type of club championship specifically for Formula TKM in the Southern area and involving Kimbolton, Whilton Mill, Shenington and Rissington.

Just to recap, the series will take place as part of club racing at each of the tracks with one round at each circuit. The drivers in both Junior and Senior category will race in among the other TKM competitors but have their own separate results which count towards the championship.

The championship is being run under the co-ordination of Tal-Ko and through the Hunts Kart Club – of course the organisers of the Maxxis Formula TKM Festival.

The thinking behind the series is that a lot of drivers would like to take part in a championship which goes to more than one circuit. But currently there is a gap in the market for this.

Each club has its own championship and then there are the S1 national championships – but understandably for some people having to journey to circuits far away and give up three days of their time is just too much for them to cope with on a time and cost basis.

So the idea of the new TKM series is to give drivers a chance to race at other circuits which are not too far apart and have the added incentive of a series for which they might get a nice pot.

Tal-Ko will be organising some smart annual trophies and there will be cash vouchers for spares etc from Tal-Ko. Currently it looks like the series will start at Kimbolton in May and with four rounds will run over the nice weather into September/October time.

A nice touch is that novice drivers will also be able to compete which again is a first and an opportunity for them to shine. So a series borne out of the feedback received from club drivers – let’s hope it gets plenty of support.

Full details will be announced in due course but in the meantime you can register for more details by emailing to If you are at the Kartmania Show in Coventry at the beginning of December then you’ll be able to put your name down at the Tal-Ko stand.

Next just a follow up on the regulations update for 2012. One other item which has been changed is the type of airbox permissible. Until now although the new type airbox is almost universally in use, it has been possible to still the old one if required. That has been changed for 2012 with the old type box now withdrawn from use.

And while we are on the subject of airboxes it is worth underlining the importance of keeping the filter in your airbox clean – and in the case of wet days – dry.

My advice would be to always carry a spare – remember that it must be of the black type – so that you can quickly change in between heats. It is inevitable that the filter gets oily and dirty in time. I have found carb/brake cleaner sprays very effective at clearing out the dirt. A lot safer than using petrol!

Soak the filter with spray and then use an airline to blow it all out and dry the filter. At home by all means put it somewhere warm like in a boiler cupboard to thoroughly dry – though better warn the wife!

Finally it looks like Tal-Ko are again about to set new levels of customer support by making available a set of video clips which will explain how to carry out many of the basic functions required to look after your kart and engine.

The clips are being filmed with Tal-Ko boss Alan Turney who will explain and show in simple terms the way many jobs should be carried out – things like carb rebuilds which can so easily lead to disaster if not carried out properly.

Since Alan is on the receiving end of many emails and faxes asking just such questions he has a very clear idea of what are the problematic areas.

These clips will then be available via the TKM website in a special channel on You Tube. So if you have a query at a race meeting all you need do is dial into the website on your smartphone and there will be your answer.

In addition to the free downloads, TKM will also make available at an attractive price a disc containing all of the clips so you can view at your leisure.

To me it is the logical way forward since we all seem to have stopped reading bits of paper and prefer to do things by looking at information gained on-line in one way or another.

And finally, looking forward to the Kartmania Show…TKM’s Alan Turney and Grahame Butterworth will be giving their usual chat at the show with helpful advice. If you have any questions you’d like to see answered there then drop them an email at

Sidney Sprocket