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The saga of droopy noses goes on but TKM takes a stand. Grahame Bu?tterworth explains…

Only a month ago it seemed like the droopy nose disaster had been averted with the CIK stopping
its use a?er serious doubts and accidents. But no sooner has that happened and another version pops up to be used.

Virtually no one in this country has even seen the latest version, yet already the MSA seem keen to make it mandatory for every karter next year. Will they never learn to wait and see what emerges before a commitment?

So let’s be clear and say that as class organisers we will not allow the use of such a system next year until we have properly had a chance to inspect it, see it in action and also see how practically it can be made to work in a club type racing situation.

Remember in the UK we also have different rear bumpers and in TKM we have push starting so all those things need to be considered before a decision is taken. We are not against progress if it is sensible. But we hate being asked to commit to unproven ideas that might adversely affect you – our drivers.

Let’s move on to something much more fun – the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton from August 7-9. This event has been running for nearly 20 years now and is incredibly well received by everyone who drives there – so much so that many return once a year to race there even when they have switched to another class.

This year will have two new twists. First, the same race meeting will be running the much coveted ‘O’ plates and it will be run in such a way that if you wish to you can enter for both an ‘O’ plate and in the traditional Festival/Elite section. You can do that with one kart or with two. But whatever the case it will mean you use two sets of tyres.

A further innovation this year is that the Festival section will also count for points in all three TKM club championships so that’s going to add to the competition. And the points will be scored in the normal format going to the drivers in each championship based on their results overall.

So lots to race for and with the usual bonuses of Friday testing and then two full days of racing with a pre-final and final. And all being covered by Motors TV which a special on the TKM club championships too.

Full regs, entry forms, tyre order forms are now on the websites at and www. Don’t miss out on the closing date – July 25.