Forward Thinking

Untitled 2BMR Racing is a team that stretches all the way back to 2004 when it made it’s debut in the British
SuperBike Championship. Jump nine years down the line and the team returned only this time on four wheels rather than two. The team entered the British Touring Car Championship for the first time in 2013 and now is arguably the best team on the grid with Jason Plato, Colin Turkington, Aron Smith and Warren Scott behind the wheel. However the BMR Team is about to take on a whole new challenge perhaps harder than anything they’ve ever done before in trying to conquer the world of karting. How? You may ask… Well that’s what we went to find out.

BMR this year have launched a whole new project called BMR Touring Kart with it’s prime aim to take a karter all the way through to Touring Car in five years! So how are they planning to do this?

Well next year they are going to be launching their own single make engine and chassis championship with three different classes, with drivers being able to start from as young as 12 years old. The Championship is set to run over 10 rounds on selected tracks around the country. It is yet to be announced if it will be MSA supported or not, however one thing for certain is that you’ll need an MSA licence to compete. As for the race format, I’m told that it will be standard sprint races as you’d see at any other kart meetings in the country and there will be a maximum of 30 karts per grid.

So what about the karts themselves? All classes will run the latest Octane chassis with a new 250cc four stroke engine which has been developed by BMR themselves. One of the classes includes a front wheel drive engine which is something completely new to the sport! It was a concept brought in by Championship Director Warren Scott in the aim to try and help get karters used to the front fheel drive at an early age which may help them when they move into tin-tops and eventually Touring Cars.

As for the championship, BMR are offering two options to customers, you can either choose the complete arrive and drive package where they will prep the kart, run it at the meeting and re-build it in between rounds for you. Or you can take the kart away between rounds and test it wherever you like. However which ever package you choose, you will have to run the kart under their awning as they are banning any independent teams to have their own awnings in their aim to create a fully level playing field.

Not only will you race in the Championship, BMW will also be running simulator days, fitness and media training days and will also be doing tours around their garage with drivers getting the opportunity to meet the touring car team and engineers.

The work started on the championship around a year ago and the karts have already gone through extensive testing with simulators also in place. There will be chances to test the karts in the summer with planned meetings to take place at both MSA and non MSA tracks.

Next month we will be reviewing the karts in detail as we will be testing them ourselves at the Rye House kart circuit.

To find out more about the championship or arrange a test you can visit their website www.bmrtouringkart. or contact them via email at karting@teambmr. or by phone at 01763 289698.