Girl Racer: Katie Helps


Age: 27
From: Cheshire
Started karting: 2010

When was your first race? GYG in 2009 for a trial run!

What series do you currently race in? NKRA Formula Blue

Have you won any races? Yes at club level

How did you get into it? My Dad raced 100 National before he had kids. His Dino chassis was hung up in the garage for our whole childhood, including the tyres that were older than me! Along with this, Sunday afternoons in our house were dedicated to the F1, you were not allowed to speak until the race was over! I found my family’s enthusiasm for motorsports infectious. In 2010 Dad rang me one day when I was away travelling and asked me when I returned home if I’d like to start racing. I have never looked back!

What would you do differently if you started again? If I was to start again I would be a millionaire!! Honestly though, I would not change a thing (other than overtake a few more people!). Dad had raced with my brother Matty for years in several classes and up to Super One. He knew the best way to start with me was to race club-level and learn a circuit and then move into national racing. I came 2nd in my first ever club championship in 2011. I then progressed to national racing (NKRA) where there was a much higher standard of driver and plenty of experience in the paddock. In my first year I narrowly missed out on a number plate which gave me the bit between my teeth for the next year. The next season we improved again and we were finishing in the top third of the grid consistently, resulting in being ranked 15th. This season we have improved yet again and I am about to race my final to find out what number I will be ranked.

Is it hard work or just Fun, Fun, Fun? It is hard work, of course: long travelling times, early starts and making sure you are on it every time you get onto the circuit. Plus all the hours of preparation that goes into the kart. But it is worth everything, all the competitors and mechanics in the NKRA are great friends and there is a lot of banter! Most importantly though, you cannot beat a motorsport weekend with your dad! I live for karting and I am really looking forward to seeing what my next racing season brings!