Girl racer – Lydia Burney

lydiaLydia Burney
Age: 15 From: South Lake District, Cumbria
First race? 2011 saw my start in Comer Cadet. There were 30+ grids every month with the likes of Ross Martin and Josh Smith at the front and me the only girl sat at the back on my novice plates, it was very intimidating but was something me and the family enjoyed so we stuck at it. We all get a lot out of it despite it being a roller coaster at times with lots of highs as well as lows. We have met some fantastic people along the way, and now have friends through karting that we would not have met otherwise.
What series do you currently race in? I currently race Junior TKM. 2015 will be my fourth season in the class. When coming to the end of my time in Comer cadet we had to decide where to go next, we looked around at the different classes. Rowrah had a rapidly growing TKM grid and decided that was the way to go. We thought it was the best choice for me to race and improve against up and coming drivers.
Have you won any races? I haven’t won any races yet, but am pushing very hard every meeting to improve and get to the front. There has been stiff competition at Rowrah, the front pack being mainly Super One. Through consistency I’ve managed a 3rd place finish in the Rowrah club championship in 2013. How did you get into it? My introduction to karting was at a Let’s Go Karting day at Rowrah. My Uncle suggested we go, as my cousin had just got involved. We went and had a go and I loved it. Not long after we went to Kartmania just to have a look! My Dad raced motocross so when he got amongst
it all he didn’t need much persuading and we came home with a Zip Blade wedged in the back of the car. We started going to practice sessions and as much as I thoroughly enjoy karting it doesn’t come naturally to me so I have to put a lot of effort in to get results. Good job we have Ken to keep us going in the right direction, hopefully to the front.
What are your plans for 2015? To continue racing Rowrah club championship with some meetings at Hooton Park and selected NKF and TKM Northern Championship rounds. And 5 years time? I still hope to be karting and getting fun out of it or at least I feel sure I will be enjoying motorsport in some way.