Girl Racer – Sally Edwards

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Sally Edwards

Age: 45 1/4
From: Charfield, South Gloucestershire
Started karting: Aged 43, 2013
First Race: My first race was the Turkey Trot at
Clay Pigeon Raceway. I joined the grid as the only woman driver. I remember being so nervous I
didn’t sleep the night before! I remained the only female on the grid for every race but this never
put me off. Yes, I felt intimidated at times but only as a less experienced and less accomplished driver, not because of being a woman! My fellow drivers always made me feel welcome and gave
me constant encouragement to keep at it! I’ve
had a few accidents but all I wanted to do is get back in the kart and on with the race! I currently race in Senior TKM.

Won any races? It was never about winning for me! Racing against extremely talented drivers including Super One boys, together with starting racing at the ripe old age of 43 meant I never expected to be at the front. It was more about personal improvement and achievement and a sense of competing in a sport most Mums wouldn’t dream of doing! It’s a very physical sport, so you have to be fit. I spend most of my spare time in the gym, running, swimming & cycling just to stay race fit. My Son Cole had been racing Junior TKM for a year when I started racing. I loved being part of the racing
community but
making the tea wasn’t quite enough
for me so I took my ARKS and
started racing, simple as that!
My only regret is not starting
earlier. It’s a fantastic sport to
be part of and I would have
loved the opportunity as
a kid. Cole only allowed
me the bottom shelf of his
trophy cabinet and I have
managed to put a few in it!
Best Rookie of the Year 2013
being one of them and I was very
proud to receive it.

Any plans for the future? My plans for 
2015 are to focus on Cole’s racing.
He is changing to Junior Rotax this
 year so we have a lot to learn. I hope to still be jumping into a kart when I can for many years to come but I think it may be back to tea making for a while!