GPK Series – 5 things you need to know

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Daytona Motorsport recently announced their brand-new kart series which will launch this year in the shape of the GPK Series. The GPK Series is essentially similar in concept to the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy or Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in the sense that all drivers use the exact same equipment to create a level playing field which gives everyone the same chance at victory. Both the afore mentioned series are proven to have worked successfully for a number of years so why can’t GPK work too?

We all remember Formula Kart Stars. It was the series that was supposed to bring this concept to the UK and it did for 2015, but it’s attempts at another series in 2016 went horribly wrong and left many drivers, suppliers and staff out of pocket. Why did it fail? Well for a number of reasons, the equipment wasn’t up to scratch and the financial management of the series was poor, but that said all drivers in 2015 left happy with the system proving to work.

Now Daytona Motorsport have come to deliver that concept and do it properly! Costed at £12,500+ VAT (Cadet) or £14,500+ VAT (Junior & Senior) for it’s six-round series this year spread over three weekends (Rowrah, GYG & Buckmore Park). All drivers will be using identical brand new Tonykart 401S chassis and brand new Vortex ROK engines. GPK will put the karts in parc ferme conditions between each round and will transport karts and engines. All drivers will be provided with  an awning (already set-up for you on arrival) with a trolley, work bench and mychron 5 dashboard too which is connected to the GPK live timing system. Tyres and fuel will also be controlled and provided so essentially all you need to do is turn up with some tools and go racing. Strawberry Racing will also be on site to provide spares.

Now you know what it costs and how it works, here’s five things you need to know about the GPK Series:

1. You can win the series for £14,500+ VAT (or £12,500 + vat in the cadet class)

It’s fair to say GPK couldn’t have gone much better with the equipment and with ‘restricted setups’ also put in place you can certainly win the series for that price. We have all heard the ridiculous budgets people spend in other national series and there’s unfortunately nothing you can do to stop that as competitors, but in GPK you know what everyone is spending at race weekends. If drivers pay for teams/driver coaches or pick up some damage that’s another story, but overall you can win a national championship on great kit for £14,500! It may sound expensive, but I’ve heard of people spending four times more than this to be at the front of a national championship and I’m sure you have too. And in those instances, there is nothing you can do about it.

2. Almost 3 hours of track time each weekend!

GPK Series have taken track time very seriously and have given a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes of track time per race weekend! GPK want to give all competitors enough time to prepare for each round properly. On Friday practice each driver will receive a minimum of six 15 minute sessions which I think is very important. This means drivers can come in and make changes mid-session and break the day down into twelve 6/7 minute sessions if they wanted to.    This  allows all competitors  to prepare properly for the race weekend ahead. It also makes that trek to Rowrah or Glan-Y-Gors worth it when you leave the weekend having had substantial track time and proper testing/practice time on the Friday.

3. Double headers give drivers a second chance

With each round being a double header there’s no chance of your weekend being ruined in one incident. It’s happened to several drivers in other championships, you have perfect practice sessions then break down in qualifying and you’re on the back foot for the rest of the weekend. Or everything goes perfect then you reach the final and get taken out at turn one. Whichever way you put it a race weekend can be ruined in one moment, but in GPK the double headers mean if you have one bad day then it won’t affect you the next day as everything starts over.

4. Become a true champion

The fully level playing field is a huge part of the GPK Series. It is one of the things that makes it very attractive for any driver out there! A chance to beat everyone on the same equipment and prove you really are the best driver! You can head to each meeting knowing all of your competitors are in the same boat as you and whoever drives the best will win. Money does not bring an advantage, neither does kit. It’s all down to the person in the seat and that’s the way it should be.

5. £200,000 prize fund!

To top it all off the GPK Series have a prize fund of £200,000! The prize list for each class is as follows:


Entry into ROK Finals in Italy with Tony Kart
Fully paid entry into 2018 GPK Series
Cadet/Junior Test days with factory TonyKart team
Mercedes AMG F1 Factory Tour


Entry into ROK Finals in Italy with Tony Kart
Fully paid entry into 2018 GPK Series
Entry to the Ginetta Junior Series with 3 test days prior to the event.
Mercedes AMG F1 Factory Tour


Entry into ROK Finals in Italy with Tony Kart
Fully paid entry into 2018 GPK Series
Entry into 2018 Formula Academy Series
Mercedes AMG F1 Factory Tour

Second and third place Championship winners will also be offered a place in the 2018 championship at half price for second place and a third off for third place. GPK series is also providing some great round prizes including Sahara Force India factory visits and attending the British Touring Car Championship as VIP guests of Power Maxed Racing with a Q&A with Tom Chilton.

Click here to find out more about the GPK Series

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Images courtesy of Andy Webb – Sprocket Photography


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