GPK Series Cadet Review – Ivan Lomliev

The new GPK series by Daytona Motorsport is offering a level playing field to racers of every age. The Cadet class is for drivers aged 8-13 years old. Daytona Motorsport invited us to test the kart, so we called upon the wise beyond his years, young 11 year old Ivan Lomliev. Ivan is part of Arden’s Young Racing Driver Academy (YRDA) and is in impressive form winning races at Whilton Mill this year with Global karting in the Honda Cadet class. Ivan will be racing for the Super One title for the first time this season and is considered by many as the one to watch. With all that in mind he was the perfect driver to test the new Tonykart Cadet chassis supplied by GPK with the Vortex ROK Mini engine bolted to it.

On arrival Ivan was very excited to get out and give the kart a test. Having only driven four stroke karts, the difference in speed was going to be substantial and the chassis was also going to be a completely new experience for Ivan. The kart came very well presented and the GPK team did a great job in advising Ivan before his first run. After the first session we asked Ivan what he felt was the best things about the kart.

“The speed was the most obvious thing about the kart. When I started the first lap it felt extremely fast, I couldn’t hold my head up! The engine is faster than I expected.”

Asking him about how the kart felt around the lap compared to his usual Synergy Honda cadet he responded:

“It felt really good over the kerbs. Normally on some kerbs it pushes you wide, but on the Tonykart it just drove over them. The chassis is really good and I liked it. I normally like quite a lot of front end, on this the rear felt a lot more planted.”

Ivan mentioned that he had to adapt to the kart throughout the day due to the slightly different handling and engine characteristics of the GPK.

“At the beginning of the day I was bogging down on the exit of the corners, so I changed my line to get better exits, and I got a lot more comfortable with the kart towards the end of the day. By the second session I had adapted to the kart. Into the corners you’re going just that little bit faster which makes it more fun to drive. You have to enter the corners a different way to get the speed off.”

The kart was achieving times two seconds a lap faster than the Honda engine Ivan is used to. He commented where he could feel this speed differential, and how good it would be in preparation for the Junior class.

“I was flat through turns 1 and 2, and I could brake later than the Honda into turn 3 even though I was going faster. It stops really well. When you move up [into juniors] you’ll be better prepared. It is a bit more physical too.”

Summarising the day he said

“The racing is going to be really fun and active. All the karts will be equal, and It’ll come down to the driver to get the best performance.”

Speaking to Ivan throughout the day the main things he kept mentioning were the power of the engine and how much faster it was than his usual Honda. He also took a little while to get comfortable on the Tonykart cadet chassis, but loved its drivability once he honed his driving to suit.

I considered taking the kart out myself to give my opinion, however decided against it…

In conclusion, the GPK cadet was about two seconds per lap faster than a Honda Cadet around Whilton Mill. The main features are the powerful 2-stroke air cooled engine, grippy Bridgestone tyres, and very user friendly Tonykart chassis. Ivan enjoyed the day and said it would be a great series in preparation for Juniors due to the extra speed and grip.

Ivan asked us to thanks GPK and Daytona Motorsport for the opportunity to be the first driver to test this kart and engine combination.

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Written by Piers Prior

Images courtesy of Andy Webb – Sprocket Photography


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