Karting in the year 1967: a history

Early-JANUARY 1967

Fullerton leading Turney in a Junior race at Rye was the cover photo. We track tested the Zip Anglian with a 100cc Montesa. The new McCulloch MC91 and MC101 were described as having 1.375in bore carbs “. . . like vacuum cleaners!”

Mid-JANUARY 1967

The cover picture was of Keith Pursglove on a Super Shrike. We examined the Snecma motor that Jack Barlow wanted allowed in the Villiers class. The track test was of the Blow Meteor with a Montesa 175cc motor.

Early-FEBRUARY 1967

The start of a race at a new track in Helsinki, Finland, was the cover photo. Our magazine took over a large area of the Racing Car Show and named it ‘Kartex’. We track tested the Zip European powered by a Komet K77.


On the cover photo were Mackay, Blow Kart, and Littler. Frank Sheen revealed his tuning secrets for the 200cc Bultaco. Our track test was of the Barlotti GP Villiers. An aerial photo showed the projected Morecambe kart track.

Early-MARCH 1967

The cover showed British class champion, Phil Cole, on a Voodoo Parilla. An article on tuning the 100cc Montesa included port drawings. We track tested the KK Major JLO and provided more details on the latest McCullochs.

Mid-MARCH 1967

Graham Liddle, Matador Bultaco, was the cover photo. Bobby Day revealed how to get the best from BMs. We track tested the Barlotti Imp with Parilla GP15L and published part 2 of an article on tuning the 100cc Montesa.

Early-APRIL 1967

Richard Newton was on the front cover. Experimental karts were featured having two 100cc motors with a gearbox. We visited Dave Hockey’s premises and designed an ideal kart track. There were tuning tips for the Ariel Arrow.

Mid-APRIL 1967

Top driver, John Morrell, Dale Bultaco, was on the cover photo. We reported on the selection of the British teams and on George King, the kart trader. 170 drivers took part in a Silverstone event on the Club circuit.

Early-MAY 1967

This was the 100th issue of the magazineand the cover photo was of Tex Bell racing a decade before. A gearbox class Sweden v Britain match took place at Flookburgh.Casablanca was the venue for a Gibraltar v Morocco event.

Mid-MAY 1967

Ken Norton, Blow Bultaco, was the cover photo. Aintree was the first round of the Karting magazine Big circuit champs. Oil-for-karts specialist, Ken Hyder, was featured. The news broke on the new Tecno kart.

Early-JUNE 1967

Reg Dormer, Zip Komet, at Shenington, was pictured on the cover. The first round of the World Champs at Vevey was won by Susy Raganelli. Mickey Allen was black flagged when 2nd in the final. A kart race at Silverstone was a shambles.

Mid-JUNE 1967

Steve Morey, Piranha

Merlin, was on the cover. Rows disrupted the Lissone Euro champs. At Cadwell karts were faster than the cars and motorbikes irrespective of capacity. The Piranha Merlin was track tested.

Early-JULY 1967

Cover photo: Joe Howell, Tecno Komet. There was TV coverage for the Morecambe track opening. We track tested the Matador Bultaco and had a review of overalls as the RAC required drivers to wear “stout clothing”.

Mid-JULY 1967

Cover photo: Mike Fletcher, Mini-Shrike Bultaco. Shepherd and Littler won at Silverstone. The British team just beat the Dutch in Holland. The North West Association were annoyed at the RAC for not preventing event clashes.

Early-AUGUST 1967

Cover photo: Bobby Day, Cobra BM. Jones and Punyashthiti won the Shenington 6 Hours. The Track Test was the KK Super/ Komet K33. Italy won the Belgian round of the Euro Champs. John Dent revealed a new Special.

Mid-AUGUST 1967

Cover photo: Dave Leslie at Morecambe. Officials at the Isle of Man kart races earned high praise for their hospitable welcome to the drivers from the mainland. Alan Turney won the Junior class at the Chasewater GP – Nigel Mansell was 5th.

Early-SEPTEMBER 1967

Cover photo: Outright British Champion, Dave Ferris. We track tested the Zip Silverstone with 175cc Montesa which sold complete for £209. Blackbushe staged a two hour evening race that was won by Barlow and Newton.


Cover photo: Les Sheppard, winner of both RAC and Karting magazine Big Circuit Championship. Little Rissington had 350 entries for the three-day RAC Championships held on two circuits. Class winners were Fullerton, Ferris, Allen, Sheppard and Morrell.

Early-OCTOBER 1967

Cover: Chris Merlin on the Piranha-Merlin winner of the Karting magazine Snetterton 9 Hours (120 starters, 621 miles at an average speed of 69 mph). Goldstein won the second round of the World Champs at Dusseldorf on a Rombardie Parilla.

Mid-OCTOBER 1967

Cover: Ray Davis racing at Thorney Island. Blow Karts showed off their prototypes for the next season. We reviewed the 200cc Suzuki. Nigel Mansell was in the British Junior team that beat a Dutch team. The winners of the Brignoles 24 hours covered 2234 laps.

Early-NOVEMBER 1967

Cover photo: Barry Loakes and Mike Goodwin at Morecambe. The 100cc GB team came 2nd in the Villacoublay Euro Team Champs round. The CIK adopted a 250cc class and the UK looked set to follow suit by enlarging our existing 200cc lV Super.


Cover photo: Ken and Stan Owen won the Caen 6 Hours, Barlotti Parilla, with other Brits 2nd and 3rd. We track tested the European and Silverstone Zip models. ‘Buster’ Clark of Motor Karts proposed that the Villiers be re-vitalised by being fitted with the Merlin Rotary valve conversion.

Early-DECEMBER 1967

Cover photo: Derrick Brunt. The ‘Dave Leslie’ father and son duo won Villiers and Juniors at Morecambe. Barlow and Shepherd won the Shenington 5 hours. British teams took the first 3 places in the Caen 6 Hours. Mrs. Asselbur became European Ladies champion.

 Mid-DECEMBER 1967

Cover photo: Punyashthiti. The Swiss, Rossi, became World Champ at the Monaco last round. Pernigotti was set to take the title, with the Italians holding the first 4 places, when he suffered mechanical troubles. Those guarding him also stopped as they had been ordered not to pass him!