How to adapt to European Racing 

Dean MacDonald, Junior X30

Adapting to European racing is not very easy. The main thing you need to do change is your driving style and of course learn the circuit if it’s new. By changing driving style, we are talking about the extra rubber that is available to your advantage. European tracks are all heavily grippy and you will almost see a racing line denoted by rubber. So if you’re not on the rubber (which will be clearly noticeable) you will slide, hit it and you’ll be able to pick the throttle up a lot earlier. Doing this you’ll find yourself driving tighter lines at most corners then what you would normally do in the UK.

As for the racing you’ll find yourself, at times, against the same people (as most Brits are usually at the front) but catching and overtaking is a lot harder due to the excessive grip. Making an overtaking move will cost you more time in Europe compared to the UK due to the low grip offline. As for the tracks they tend to be wider, which you can sometimes use to your advantage others you can’t and they are usually fast and flowing. PFI for me is the closest experience in the UK to European Racing.



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