How to get motorsport sponsorship

The October issue of Karting magazine (Issue 713), is our ‘How To’ issue. Here’s how to improve your chances of getting sponsored. Check out the latest mag for more great tips and advice.

Even though sponsorship is one of the most important factors in a drivers career, its an area that is often misunderstood, overlooked and badly executed.

Be aware:

• Sponsorship has very little to do with how talented or successful a driver or team is

• A racing driver can only guarantee they will be ever visible (not always winning)

• Sponsorship has very little to do with advertising

• Using a race car, team etc as an advertising bill board will not compete with mainstream advertising, especially compared to the costs of social media and magazine campaigns. Sponsors really need a clear description of how your strategic partnership will provide them with a return on their investment. It is here you need to demonstrate your ability to provide real, tangible business opportunities. Value should never be based on how much you need, it should always be against the expected return for the company. A sticker on your car is not worth £70,000 just because you need it to be. When its time to locate your potential sponsors it is important to have a well defined, targeted approach. When you are going hunting, it is better to act like a sniper with stealth and cunning than a maniac with a machine gun, shooting at anything in the vain hope of hitting the target. Take your time and make sure you target the right companies for your opportunity, this will ensure a much greater chance of success.

Good luck, you are more than just a sticker!