Indian Driver Tipped As Future Star

A young novice Indian driver could be one of the stars of the British karting scene in future years, according to the boss of leading Cadet squad Fusion Motorsport.

Ruhaan Alva, 8, began racing with the team 12 months ago despite not having any previous competitive experience. The Bangalore-based youngster is the first Indian driver to be selected by the Fusion outfit to race in the Little Green Man Championship.

“The first time he went out in a kart this time last year he was around 20-seconds off the pace,” team chief Dan Hazlewood said. “He was crawling along and completely out of his comfort zone as he had only driven around in circles in Indian pro karts with no facilities. It was an eye opener.

“Since then, he’s had sporadic testing but has effectively won all his novice races this year on the road as he was handed a penalty in one. He’s not afraid and has definitely has the potential to be a star. He’s keen to get stuck in on the racing side and is well ahead of where he should be at this stage.”