International Karting Insight: July 2011

WSK Euro Series SarnoThe last weeks I have been really still recovering my from my crash in Sarno, and then I returned to driving at the WSK race in Val Vibrata.

I had been to Val Vibrata before but had only raced there in Super KF so it would be my first race there in KZ. My speed in the tests was OK but not fantastic, however I was fairly confident that when it came to Qualifying and we put everything together that my speed would be OK.

I qualified less than a tenth off pole but it was very close and I was in 5th position. In the two heats on Saturday I had two 6ths so I would start 5th for the Prefinal on Saturday.

I didn’t have a great start in this race and in the end I came through to 6th again at the finish. In all the races I was never more than 0.2s off the best time in the race but we were all very similar in times so the racing was very difficult, as in KZ it’s a lot harder to pass than in KF so the starts were very important.

So onto the races on Sunday… I had to start 6th in my first heat and I had two 5ths in my heats and like Saturday my speed was OK but I needed to find a tenth or two to be able to win.

As we lined up on the grid for the Final, where I would be starting 4th, it started to rain so we all had to put wets on. I had a good start and was battling with Ardigo for 2nd position when I came round the final corner and aquaplaned off and hit the tyres and it ended my race, sadly for me this wasn’t the worst thing as where I’d hit the tyres the steering wheel had come down and hit my hand.

I was really annoyed with myself but then as I continued to watch the race there were many others aquaplaning off too but when I took my gloves off I realised I had a bad injury to my hand from the steering wheel hitting it.

I travelled back to the UK that night and went to the hospital on Monday where they X-rayed my hand and told me I’d broken a bone and also badly damaged the ligament, and that I could need to have an operation to repair the damage. They couldn’t decide whether to operate or not that day because the swelling was so bad but I have to go back next week to see them again and find out what they will do.

Obviously after having seven weeks off with an injury from Sarno I am very disappointed to be out injured again especially as we are approaching the important part of the season. My next race would be the European Championship at Wackersdorf in the middle of June so I am still hopeful I can be back to race for that one if I don’t have to have surgery on the hand.

It hasn’t been a great start to the season that is for sure, I’ve raced for over 20 years and can’t remember missing races through injury and this year I’ve had two! I’ll let you know how it goes at Wackersdorf next month.