A Winning Partnership – Kiern Jewiss and MBP

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Earlier this year it was announced that Kiern Jewiss joined with the Mark Blundell Partners Company. Kiern was selected to be a part of the Young Drivers Management programme within MBP after being spotted by the head of their Young Drivers Academy. Kiern, like all clients at MBP, is still a paying customer but now has everything off the track taken care of by Mark Blundell, Theo Paphitis and the team. Now, a few months in, we decided to get the full story.

So firstly who is Kiern Jewiss? Kiern currently races in the Mini Max Class (UK) and Junior Max (Europe) with Strawberry Racing. Although Kiern has just moved out of the Cadet class it has not taken him long to adapt to the Rotax classes. He’s currently 2nd in the Junior Rotax Euro Challenge and leading the Mini Max Super One British Championship. So really things couldn’t get much better!

Kiern’s racing started four years ago in the Honda Cadet class and he’s not the first in his family to go behind the wheel. His Granddad is a former rally cross driver and his Dad a former kart racer, so I suppose you could say racing is in his blood.

It didn’t take long for Kiern to taste glory; he quickly became a champion at Buckmore Park and Bayford Meadows in only his first year. He in fact finished 2nd in his first ever race as a novice! Impressive ey?

Since then Kiern has never looked back, he has won four major titles with plenty of top three finishes and special awards to add to that, I can’t imagine how big his trophy room must be with over 145 trophies in there!

And to add to this he is now apart of arguably on the sports most prestigious management companies with the likes of Gary Paffett, Mike Conway and Roberto Merhi also apart of the MBP family.

Here at the mag we wanted to find out exactly what it’s like to be a part of this huge racing family at such a young age and what he get’s up to whilst he’s there.

Do you feel privileged to be part of Mark Blundell partners?
I feel really privileged to be a part of MBP it’s just one big family to be honest. I don’t get to see Mark Blundell too much but when I do see him I get on with him really well and I also work really well with Kieran. It’s great being at the circuit knowing I have that support, people do come and ask me about it but most people don’t really know what it fully is so it will be good for people to find out!

What kind of stuff do you do with them?
One of the major things we focus on is fitness! We’ll go on 3 mile runs at like 6am and do things like parachute runs which I would never do otherwise. It’s really started to help me on circuit as I’d say I do more training then most of my competitors and come the end of the weekend that sometimes gives me the edge I need.

We saw they had their own sim there, what’s that like to drive?
The sim is really good! I’ve been driving the F3 car since I started and it’s obviously great practise for the future! I’m learning really useful techniques with vision and I also have access to data from the other drivers at MBP including Mike Conway! It’s obviously so different to driving a kart so it’s having to adapt to that.

Working with Kiern closely at MBP is ex-Formula Renault BARC Champion turned driver coach Kieren Clark. Being the man who spotted Kiern in the first place we caught up with him to see how it all happened.

What was behind this young drivers academy at MBP?
I look after the YDA company, it was setup to help drivers in karting use their money wisely so that they can make that next step up into cars where drivers will then be able to get picked up. Unfortunately Karting isn’t a place F1 teams look, it’s the lower formula which is what we’re trying to help karters do.

When was the first time you saw Kiern?
The first time we saw Kiern was at Kartmasters. We came down just to watch and see if we could spot any good drivers. As you can imagine after that race I went straight back to Mark and said you need to see this kid so he watched the race back on YouTube. He was a bit younger than what we were after but his success was hard to ignore.

What was it that you were most impressed about that day?
It wasn’t the fact he had come through from the back and won it was the manner he went about things before the race when the kart wouldn’t start. Rather than throw his dummy out of the pram he was so calm and when time came, he jumped in the kart and did the business.

How much time are you putting into Kiern?
I’m working on Kiern’s career every day, we are always arranging sim and fitness days as well as working heavily on his PR and Marketing. We’re already looking towards the future and trying to set up sponsorship deals for Kiern – it’s a full time job.

What do you guys look for in a driver?
Here at MBP we’re looking for the whole package in a driver, we are going to be choosing the four drivers we want but we of course would welcome anyone that wants to approach us. Our plan with Kiern now is to take him all the way and that’s what they would be doing with any drivers.

What is MBP?

Effectively Mark Blundell Partners is an athlete management and sports marketing agency run by former F1 driver Mark Blundell, ex-Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis and business partner Ian Childs. They specialize in Motorsport, Football and Golf and on top of management and marketing they also offer client representation.Kimi Raikonnen is on their books.

“Obviously this side of things is new to us as the academy only started
recently. We only want to take on a select group of drivers so that we can put
as much time into them as possible. Kiern is someone we’ve had our eye on for last 12 months and you can see how his development recently has increased rapidly. We’re just trying to give him a channel to go down, there are areas he needs to improve which will hopefully smooth out the process and help him get there faster,” explained Mark Blundell.