CIK-FIA Academy Karting Trophy 2016 Quotes

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Callum Bradshaw

“It’s a great feeling to win the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy. Being the first Brit to win it is a really immense feeling! The championship was quite hard, it’s only three rounds which turns into two after dropped rounds. We’d already done the job in the opening two rounds, so we came here (Kristianstad) and did what we needed to do to make it all official. I’d like to say a big thanks to the MSA for picking me again. Also to my Mum and Dad, Rob Dodds (BKC Racing Team Owner) and my mechanic Alex Ferris.”


Oliver Clarke

“I think the championship has gone really well, I’m a bit disappointed not to make the podium but 7th is still good for our first year. I’ve learnt a lot from the championship, driving on rubber was a big difference and has made me realise the fitness that’s required to do well at this level. Overall the experience has been fantastic. I’d like to thank the MSA for selecting me and giving me the opportunity. Also I’d like to thank Keiran Crawley (Msport) and my Mum and Dad for all the support.”


Greg Symes, MSA Academy Manager

“It’s hard to put into words just how proud we are of Callum and Oliver’s achievements in the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy this year. To be there and watch Callum bring it home was a fantastic feeling and everyone at the MSA is over the moon with the result. It was a shame Oliver didn’t get the result he was after, but I think 7th place is a very impressive result considering his age and experience in the Junior class. He gave it his all in the final and had Callum in his sights all the way to the flag to take 5th place. It was great to be there to celebrate the results with the boys. We wish Callum the best of luck at the CIK-FIA OKJ World Championships later this year.”


Rob Dodds, BKC Racing Team Owner

“As a team we showed great pace in the series last year with Callum and Alfie Brown, so our aim was always to win the championship. We had a plan going in to it and stuck with it all the way through. We knew we just needed to score points consistently and stay out of trouble all the way through. We hit the ground running at Essay which gave us good momentum and overcame the tyre and engine problems that hit us at Portimao. We knew we didn’t need a good result at Kristianstad, but we wanted to end with a podium and so nearly did. The result still hasn’t sunk in to be honest, we’re only a small team and we’ve just won a World Championship. But we won’t scream and shout about it, we’ve already turned our attention to the next race and we’ll keep pushing to keep getting more results like this!”


Keiran Crawley, Msport Team Owner

“Doing the CIK Academy with Oliver was a brilliant experience. I’ve done the series with other drivers on a few occasions and this year was a real step up organisation wise. I must say OTK did a fantastic job and things were run very well from their side. Oliver made a couple of mistakes over the season as most young drivers do, but he also pulled off some really impressive performances which proved he was a very good pick by the MSA. He’s a small lad and as a result had some strength issues, but overall he coped very well with the demands of European racing for someone fresh out of Cadets. I think 7th was a great result, but I was disappointed for Oliver as I think he should have finished higher. The points system is very odd with no points being awarded in the Pre Final which cost us. We had a top six finish in all three finals so to end up 7th is very unusual, but everyone is in the same boat.”



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