CIK president plans expanded World Championship

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CIK-FIA president Sheikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa has told Karting magazine he intends to expand the world karting championships to once again compete in various continents, despite this season’s competitions reduced to a single event.

Following last season’s decision to schedule a two-round championship at PF International and in Bahrain, in which only the
top 15 drivers score points, teams and drivers publically voiced their concerns with some refusing to travel to the Gulf state.

Governing bosses amended this season’s World KF Championship calendar to take place over one weekend at Essay in France in September. But president Al Khalifa said drivers should expect to be tested over a number of rounds in order to be classed as the world’s best racer.

“I was a firm believer in multi-round championships,” Al Khalifa told Karting Magazine. “But with discussions between teams and other parties, everyone wanted a single round contest this year. It’s not the case that the CIK-FIA has decided to re-focus the heart of the racing to within Europe.

“It just worked out to be that way but I truly believe that if you are going to be crowned world champion, you should prove yourself more than once. The teams and drivers’ excuse is costs. So let me get costs under control and then increase the racing. They’re happy with four rounds of the European Championships this season so they are contradicting themselves a little.”

Al Khalifa said he envisages a three-round championship in the near future in which contests occur over several continents.“It has to go all around the globe,” he added.

“The FIA rules and regulations determine that if you are going to call it a world championship, and it’s not a single event, then it needs to be held on more than one continent. I would like us to provide a sensible global world championship.”