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Emily Linscott’s dream Rookie season

Emily Linscott’s dream Rookie season

It may be a new name to you and it certainly was to us until the end of 2016. Then Emily Linscott decided to enter our Rookie of the Year Award and the rest is history as they say. The young Junior Subaru racer and Brentwood Karting graduate is now already looking to make big moves in the Motorsport World after just one year in the sport. It’s huge progress to make so quickly and we wanted to find out how she did it.

Emily started her karting career at Brentwood. It was our 2015 Circuit of the Year with Dan Lee from Brentwood winning our Outstanding Contribution Award in 2016. The Junior Race League has seen many good drivers come through with the driver coaching playing a big part along with the competitive side of the racing and advice Dan gives to parents which in this case was former Motorcycle Racer, Mark Linscott.

Emily Linscott picking up Highly Commended Female Driver of the Year 2016 award

Emily Linscott picking up Highly Commended Female Driver of the Year 2016 award

When I asked Mark about their time at Brentwood he said: “Brentwood was where Emily fell in love with the sport. It was really good fun and all the other drivers and parents were very friendly. When we decided to move on Dan Lee was extremely helpful! He gave us lots of valuable advice and tips which we have implemented ever since.”

However, Brentwood wasn’t where it originally started as Emily explains:

“My first test in kart was at a party at Rayleigh Indoor Karting (shortlisted for 2016 Karting magazine Circuit or Club of the Year) and I liked it a lot so moved on to Brentwood.”

When you first go to Brentwood you are put into a Development School before moving on to an Academy. Emily seemed to pass through these very quickly and was ready to move up to Rotax or X30, but Dan Lee suggested otherwise.

“Dan said that I should stay and do a championship. Although it was unlikely I’d win he said that doing a championship would teach me a lot and if I could get some good results it’d give me a lot of confidence.”


Emily took this advice and went on to finish 9th in the Championship, but beat many of the top drivers there over the course of the season. The lessons learnt were invaluable, her confidence shot up and now she was ready to move on.

“When we spoke to Dan about moving he suggested we go and race Pro-Karts like former Brentwood racer, Ben Green, did. I somehow got led to a test in a Junior Subaru and loved it straight away. It may not be a nationwide class but the racing seemed very close and the engines seemed very equal which I liked. The lower power also means mistakes are very costly which I think teaches me a lot more.”

It’s to many an unusual decision given how the series is regional, but Mark (Emily’s Dad) said there was also another reason.

“When we moved away from Brentwood I personally wanted to go to Rotax, but Emily liked the Subaru’s. The engines are a lot more affordable and given how new she was to the sport we thought giving it a go would be a great decision in case Emily didn’t like the sport as much after a couple of months.”


Now in Subaru’s and quickly up to pace Emily started to show some promising pace, but continued to race in the corporate side and in her first year of karting won her first championship at Bayford Meadows! Now that doesn’t happen every year.

Away from Bayford Emily got herself to a ranking of 14th in the UK for the Sodi World Series and managed to win the coveted ‘Buckmore Park Junior Star Pupil Award’, the first girl to do so in its 16 year history. Throughout 2016 Emily visited a total of 24 circuits and the experience and lessons learnt were giving her great results.



The results and progress of Emily sparked interest over at Arden’s Young Racing Driver Academy and at the back end of last year Emily joined the programme. The further progress she will make there could take her career to the next level and her Dad says: “It shows potential sponsors she how serious she is about becoming successful in racing.” Which I fully agree with!


During 2016 Emily also gained her ARDS licence and had a couple of tests in a Ginetta Junior. Her quick rise in pace over the two tests almost saw her move up to Ginetta’s for this year, but she said: “I’d love to have another year in karting before I think about moving up to cars.”

So, 2018 could see a move away for karting for Emily, but for now it will be great to see what she can do in Junior Subaru.


Rookie of the Year 2016 – Highly Commended

Emily was one of 15 drivers nominated for our 2016 Rookie of the Year Award. She got a very strong following from the karting public and the panel felt she was good enough to be one of three highly commended drivers. It’s a great achievement considering the strong list of drivers she was up against!

Moose Motorsport

Things become even more impressive when you discover that Emily races as a Privateer and has already set up her own team. Under the brand, ‘Moose Motorsport’ Mark explains: “It was actually Emily’s decision to run on our own as she felt we all worked together well enough to not need the assistance of a team. There are some expensive teams out there so we’ve set up our own where we are looking to take on one or two other drivers at an affordable price. This will continue into cars too.


How Karting has changed Emily as a person

“Karting has helped Emily grow in confidence massively. It’s not only helped her in the sport, she’s able to chat more comfortably to people she has never met before and also helped with her schooling too!”

It’s always great to hear how karting can help people away from the circuit, but on it Emily has really made a name for herself in the corporate and Subaru World. That was taken to another level via the Karting Magazine Awards, but it sounds like it may be on the TOCA package with the Ginetta Junior Series in the near future.



5 words to describe yourself  

Determined, Dedicated, Loyal, Strong and Fabulous

4 of your favourite tracks

Buckmore Park, PFI, Sandown Park and Whilton Mill

3 drivers that have inspired you

Ben Green, Dan Harper, Ayrton Simmons

2 memorable moments in your career

Winning my first championship

My first lap record

1 goal for the future

To become a successful professional racing driver.


Follow or contact Emily at:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/emilylinscottracing/

Twitter: @emily_linscott

Instagram: emi_racing_

Website: www.emilylinscottracing.com & www.moosemotorsport.net

YRDA: http://yrda.co.uk/emily-linscott

Email: emily@moosemotorsport.net

Written by Chris McCarthy

Images courtesy of Paul Babington & Bethanie Lawson


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