Girl Racer – Lucy Grant

Untitled 2Lucy Grant

Age: 17

From: Perth, Scotland




Started karting: I had my first drive in a Junior Rotax kart in March of 2012.This followed on from com-peting with my School in the British Schools Karting Championship (BSKC), coming second in the re-gional final and sixth in Scotland.

When was your first race: My first race in Junior Rotax was the East of Scotland Kart Club (ESKC) round of the 2012 Scottish Championship.

What series you currently race in: Senior Rotax

Have you won any races: I have won several races including two rounds of the ESKC open championship in 2014. I have also won the ESKC 100 mile race in both 2012 and 2013.

How did you get into karting: My dad has always been a petrol head for anything on two or four wheels and a huge fan of Formula One in particular, and so I have grown up around his passion for the sport. In June 2011 he took me to see the ‘Senna’ documentary for my birthday, and being greatly inspired, asked my dad to take me karting!

We first went to Kartstart, Kirkcaldy for a few ‘arrive and drive’ sessions, followed by a visit to Autosport’s International Racing Car Show in January 2012 – where it is fair to say I was in my element! From here on I fell in love with the sport for many reasons – mainly the thrill and excitement I get from driving myself.

My dad got in touch with an old friend from when he raced the year prior to me being born. Hamish Clark, still as enthusiastic about the sport as he was as a young soldier racing karts in Germany – he had me out for a seat fitting that very evening! Hamish followed this with a day of playing at the ESKC that weekend. Hamish has helped me enormously with my racing; he has inspired me just as much as any well-known driver.

In 2013 I did one final race in Juniors to get off my novice plates which allowed me to move to seniors at 15. I was thrown into the deep-end having my first race off novice plates at a track that was brand new to me at the time (Golspie, NSKC), as well as being my first race in Senior Rotax. It was a nerve wracking weekend for me while being incredibly exciting also! I have continued my racing in Senior Max since then – with some success – and intend to do so with greater achievements.

Having recently begun the project of selling Tonykarts in Scotland alongside Hamish, with the aid of our Facebook page ‘Tonykart Scotland’, I will be driving the 2015 Tonykart Racer 401, competing in the Scottish Super Series, ‘A’ Plate and the ESKC Open Championship.

One aspect of racing that I have carried into my day-to-day lifestyle is the physical fitness and clean-eating that is required for this sport – something that I had never shown interest in before. Now racing every month, with karting being a big part of my life, I have had to commit myself to these disciplines, giving myself the best chance possible of a successful performance. Following my newly found interest in the many benefits of paying attention to food and fitness, I have discovered a great passion which I have recently channelled into creating a food page on the social network, Instagram, @eating2health. Sharing my own ideas, as well as introducing others’, I hope to generate a positive and popular outcome that will influence other people, sportsmen or not, just as much as I have been inspired by it through karting as a hobby.

As tough as the sport can be, I firmly believe in the importance of carrying a positive attitude into each and every situation, racing being a main priority for me. I would love to step up into car racing at some point in the future, but at the moment I am very much set on pursuing my kart racing and enjoying this hobby through the best of my abilities.