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Harry Moore – Super One’s first Rookie Champion

Harry Moore – Super One’s first Rookie Champion

In 2016 Harry Moore broke a Super One record and became the first Rookie to ever become British Champion in TKM Extreme. We caught up with him to find out his past karting career, how he managed to win in such a talented grid and his plans for this year.

Harry began by telling us how he first got in to Karting:

“When I was 16 went to a friends birthday party at ‘Full Throttle Raceway’ (indoor), I very much enjoyed it and it kicked off from there. I did some rental karting at EPEC and EKL (Teesside). I then jumped into TKM Extreme 3-4 years ago for my first 2 stroke experience”

Some drivers start karting at such a young age yet Harry was 16 and he is now British Champion, to me this shows his natural talent within the sport. Harry only did club rounds at both Shenington and Rissington for his first two years karting and he also did the TKM Festival when he came off his novice plates in 2015. He said he never did as well as he would have liked within these two years

“I never did too good and I usually finished mid-pack which isn’t where I wanted to be. I could set a good lap but it took me a couple years to become more consistent, it was only towards the end of last year where we became more competitive but I didn’t think it was anything special”

Looking back at some of Harrys results from 2015, he had a few races where he was in the front pack and showed potential but for example at the Festival, he didn’t make the Elite final where as the likes of Sproat were just outside the top 10.


When asked why he made the decision to enter Super One this year, the Jade driver, Harry responded

As soon as I got my A license, I wanted to do Super One to learn off my competitors, I like jumping into the deep end as in my opinion it is the fastest way for me to learn. My goal and dream for last year was always to win, but realistically my aim and expectations were to finish within the top half of the grid, being top 10 would have been a good enough result for me!

I’m sure I wont be the only one who at the start of the season mainly saw Harry as name rather than a big contender in TKM Extreme especially with such a strong grid

“The first round at Rowrah went so much better than I expected when I finished in the top 5, so I thought there could be a good chance to make it on to the podium in the future. However it was at Llandow when I got pole and scored maximum points for the round where I realized anything could be possible”

Harry was on pole for Llandow Super One, in the race footage below Harrys performance was described as an “amazing performance by a rookie in a massive field” by Jake Sanson and Alan Taddei”. They also said “whoever wins the championship this year in TKM extreme is not only one of the most skilled drivers in this country but is going to have to be one of the most consistent.” They described his victory as “fantastic” victory. ” Harry stated in his interview at Llandow that “it doesn’t matter who’s around you, you just have to focus on your own race” which I believe is great advice to anyone in his position.

I asked Harry what he thought his best and worst rounds were throughout the 2016 season to which he replied that Llandow was by far his best round especially as he had only done half a test day on the welsh track in his whole career.

“GYG was my worst round because quali wasn’t the best and I ended up outside the top 10, then my engine seized in one of the heats”

Going in to the last round at PFI, the points were close as they had been all year, however Harry had a good lead (39 Points) ahead of competitors Matt Taylor and Kyle Sproat and just needed to concentrate on his own race and let the others take the risks.

“I was trying not to think about the championship and just concentrated on getting the best result I possibly could”

I personally can not imagine the pressure Harry must have been feeling and I have to say, he dealt with it extremely well! He was lucky however that he was in a position where he just had to get decent points to win the championship! He started off great,  5th in qualifying, but after the second qualifying session the  110% rule came in to place meaning he started  7th in the heats and managed to finish within the top 5. In the pre final, he got himself upto 3rd but as the track dried out he found himself going backwards and ended up with a bumper penalty. In the final he started 16th just kept himself clean, “I didn’t want to do anything stupid, I got into 8th but dropped back on the last lap and didn’t try to get it back, to avoid any penalties”


After winning Harry told us:

“Going into Super One for the first time as a rookie I never expected to win the championship, especially with all the talent on the grid. Everything has just clicked this year and its an amazing feeling. Its been a hard fought season with a different winner at each round which has kept the points close till the end. I couldn’t have done it without the support of Jade Karts, DK tuition and junction6 commercials who have helped me a lot throughout this season so id just like to say a massive thank you to them especially.”

In my opinion, Harry deserved the title in 2016 with his talented and consistent driving. I think its an amazing achievment to be Super One’s first Rookie Champion and that this makes him one of the best.

“The 2016 season was  a steep learning curve for both Harry and I, he being a Super One TKM Extreme Rookie and me being a Super One TKM Extreme Rookie mechanic! The results Harry has achieved far exceeded our hopes and expectations. Two major highlights of the season were a clean sweep of wins at Llandow and later in the year with the championship going down to the last race ending up winning the title at PFi. We are both looking forward to defending the title next year!”
Harrys Dad


Harry is doing Super One again this year in TKM Extreme with Jade Karts. “I’m feeling excited for the season to start and a lot more confident” and when asked if he thinks he could become British TKM Extreme champion again in 2017 and defend his title… “Yeah I should hope so, I’m becoming more and more experienced so I should be stronger this year”

Harry is feeling confident about defending his title but this could be made difficult with some of the quick juniors moving up, such as Bradley White (Junior TKM British Champion 2016) and his  Tal-ko team mate Adam Sparrow, and if we see the return of names such as Kyle Sproat, Phil Smith, Mathew Taylor and indeed any other driver who finished in the top 10 in 2016 I think the podium places at each round at for the championship at the end of the year will be fiercely contested. Its going to be another exciting season ahead and I predict just like last year anyone could win.


I was with Harry when he was waiting for the final results to be published at PFI to confirm he had won the championship and he refused to believe he has won until he had that results sheet in front of him, I think this shows how genuine Harry is and after his performance during the 2016 season, I think he has the potential to go far.

So what about you, do you think you’ll be able to set any Super One records this year?


Harrys 5-1

5 words to describe yourself?

  • Determined
  • Motivated
  • Focused
  • Positive
  • Consistent

4 of your favourite tracks?

  • Rowrah
  • PFi
  • Buckmore
  • GYG

3 drivers that have inspired you?

  • Fernando Alonso
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Dean Hale

2 memorable moments in your career?

  • Pole and maximum points at Llandow Super One,
  • Winning Super One as a rookie

1 goal for the future?

  • To win Super One again


Written by Bethanie Lawson

Images courtesy of Bethanie Lawson Photography & Chris Walker, Kartpix

Videos courtesy of TDi Media


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