Karting Girls: Emily Rogers

Karting Girls: celebrating the girls who are taking it to the boys

Age: 15
From: Rochford, Essex
Started Karting: Age 9

When was your first race: My first race was in corporate karts at Brentwood Karting in Essex. My first race in a kart of my own was in 2010 in Honda Cadet Clubman at Bayford Meadows.

What series do you currently race in: Junior Rotax

Have you won any races: I have won one race in Honda Cadets and numerous heats and two finals in Junior Rotax. Won the 2013 Junior Rotax summer championship at Bayford Meadows. I also came 2nd in the Kent championship which is held at Bayford Meadows and Buckmore Park.

How did you get into it: Racing has always been in my family and since I was very young, I used to go and watch my Dad race. He did exactly the same with his Dad, so I am the 3rd generation of racer in my family! The family history meant it was inevitable that I would start Karting at a young age…

When I was racing at Brentwood Karting it was my first insight and experience of racing and not just watching and I couldn’t believe I was finally doing what I wanted to do for a long time.

It was a chance for me to try out and see how I did and if I enjoyed it. The first time I got out of the kart I had a huge smile on my face and from then on I knew I wanted to carry on. When I won my first race, my Dad decided it was time for me to have my own kart. I had proved I could hold my own against the boys and that is what I was there to learn. When my dad had bought my new kart I went to a few test days and the instant I turned up I knew it was a totally different level and I would have to up my game. I took my ARKS test in 2010 and started racing from that point onwards and found each race more enjoyable. My first kart was a Honda Cadet Project one kart which I raced in the clubman class at Bayford Meadows. I learnt a lot of lessons the hard way, which I still carry to all my races now. I raced in Hondas for 2 years and then decided it was time for me to progress to Minimax. I was so exited when Dad suggested moving up because I used to watch them and think they were going so fast. I was keen to race them at the first opportunity. That year was also a steep learning curve for me. I learnt from my mistakes and lessons once more: the standards were getting higher. The 2013 season was a turning point for me due to a number of factors. Firstly teaming up with Jessica Hawkins and Chris George at team KPI which helped me with my approach to all my race weekends. They built up my confidence and showed me things that I didn’t know. We also switched to the Junior Rotax class with a Tonykart that I really enjoyed working and racing with. I had managed to get a number of podium finishes on a regular basis. This resulted in us winning the Bayford Meadows Summer Championship and finishing second in the Kent Cup championship. We are now looking forward to racing in 2014 at lots of different circuits with the possibility of doing a national championship.

I am passionate about motorsport. If I could have done one thing differently, I would have had more belief in my ability and not worried about competing with the boys, as I now know that I have the ability to compete to win races. I was lucky to be able to start at a young age and have progressed through various classes. I’ve experienced different chassis and engines which has helped me improve my kart setup and feedback abilities.

I was happy with last season and I’m looking forward to 2014. This season I intend to learn some new circuits and attract the attention of potential partners that will enable me to progress further in motorsport in the future. Karting is hard work, so for me to get to a decent level, I really enjoy that feeling. You get out what you put in.