Super One 2016 Champions Quotes


Hear what the 2016 Super One Champions told Karting magazine on their 2016 seasons’

IAME & Honda Cadet – Harry Thompson

“Becoming a 2016 British Champion is a phenomenal feeling! I couldn’t have made it with out both my amazing teams and such a supporting family. Karting is a very hard commitment to make because you’re racing near enough every weekend. I think it’s hard for non-racers to understand exactly how you’re feeling when you win a race because of the helmet. Winning both the Honda and IAME Super One championships then winning the LGM IAME championship is an unbelievable feeling. I can’t wait to start racing again next year in a new class!”

Harry Thompson - Whilton Mill - 

Mini Max – Jenson Butterfield

It was a hard year with some great competition, however I managed to top the competition and lead six out of seven rounds in the championship. I could not have done it without my mechanic Toby George, everyone at Strawberry Racing and all of my family and friends for the continuous support and dedication they’ve given me this year.”

Jenson Butterfield

Junior Max – Joe Turney

“After being in Super One for four years and to win it in my first year of Junior Max is great and such a great feeling! Id like to thank Martyn Smithers, my family and KR Sport. I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Joe with Martyn Smithers, Ash Orchard (KR Sport Team Owner) and his father (Jim).
Joe with Martyn Smithers, Ash Orchard (KR Sport Team Owner) and his father (Jim).

Senior Max – Jack McCarthy

“After an amazing weekend at PFI I found out winning Super One for the second time felt even better than the first time. I couldn’t have done it with out of my team Strawberry Racing my mechanic Jack my mum and dad and the rest of my family.”

Jack McCarthy 

Junior TKM – Bradley White

“This year had been a roller coaster for us. I’d won more heats and Pre Finals than anyone but we never seemed to have the luck in the final. We led the championship right from the first round until the last round on drops because of the hard work we put in. I wasn’t too worried about where I finished, just as long as I was at the front so I could get as many points as possible. In the second final at PFI, I only had to finish 10th or above to be Champion. But on the third lap is where it all fell apart; I’d been spun out putting me down to 18th. I thought it was all over, but my only option was to drive on. I managed to hunt down the rest of the pack and finish 10th. I saw my name in 10th place on the board and I knew I’d done it, it was such an amazing feeling. Being British Champion is a huge accomplishment for me, and I’m so thankful for all the support from everyone, my Dad for the mechanics, my family, Richard Marsh, Alan Turney and Tal-Ko!”


TKM Extreme – Harry Moore

“Going into Super One for the first time as a rookie I never expected to win the championship, especially with all the talent on the grid. Everything has just clicked this year and its an amazing feeling. Its been a hard fought season with a different winner at each round which has kept the points close till the end. I couldn’t have done it without the support of Jade Karts, DK tuition and junction6 who have helped me a lot throughout this season so id just like to say a massive thank you to them especially.”


Junior X30 – Gordon Mutch

“It’s the perfect way to end my karting career, out of my seven years of racing this is my biggest achievement that I’ve had. Hopefully the future holds more success. All season it was really challenging, not only with the competitors at times… But I’ve had a great time battling for the title as it went to the last lap of the season… Maybe next time I can celebrate on the right lap.”

Gordon Mutch

Senior X30 – Matt Davies

“I’ve had such a good year racing. Josh Collings and Brett Ward pushing me all the way and it all going down to the last round between all three of us. At the weekend we seemed to find the kart setup for Saturday and Sunday after a poor qualifying on the Friday, but eventually taking the win on Sunday in Final Two, which sealed the championship for me. It feels really good to be two times Super One champion and I am now looking forward to my last race of the year at the World Finals in Le Mans.”


OK Junior – Johnathan Hoggard

“It’s a great feeling to become champion after all the hard work everyone put in. It was very hard at the start, but I’m now looking forward to both World Finals coming up. I’d like to say a big thanks to KR Sport, Strawberry Racing, my mechanic Josh Parker, mum and dad and everyone else who’s supported and helped me in 2016.”


OK – Oliver Hodgson

“It was a last minute decision as a team in the week leading up to the first race to compete in the series; having seen a number larger than expected for the first year as a UK class. Entering the championship, I had aspirations to win the title but without prior testing I was unsure if the outcome would be what I desired. I was happy to leave the first round as joint championship leader, but I underperformed at the round two. This left me with a tall order in the Final round if I wanted to lift the tittle. The final round being held at the PFI circuit was ideal for myself racing for Paul Fletcher it is fair to say I know the track well. A determined and well executed performance as team left me with a clean sweep over the weekend and Champion. Winning the title is a thrilling feeling, as they say there is nothing like ‘winning’, after the initial rush of excitement I’m left feeling proud I achieved my goal. I will be faced with a bigger challenge next year trying retain the title next and I cannot wait.”


KZ1 – Scott Allen

“Although the entries weren’t as big as I would have wanted, the racing all year was really enjoyable! The KZ1 class is awesome, all the drivers hoping to go car racing should consider these karts. They are more enjoyable to drive than most cars and you could race for a fraction of the budget! We hope to see a big entry next year where I will be trying to retain my title. I have been racing for nineteen years and during that I have raced Super One ten times. I have always dreamed of the MSA British title, the feeling of winning this after being so close in 2014 is the best feeling I’ve ever had. I would like to thank Jade Karts, IAME engines and Gold Kart for the amazing kit that took me to this title.”


Images courtesy of Chris Walker, Kartpix



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