‘My Toughest Opponent’

We’ve all raced against quick drivers, but there’s always an arch-rival.

We asked ten current and former karters who their toughest opponent has been in their career in the sport. Here is what they had to say…

Alex Reade

Long-time karter with modern Formula Ford experience:

“It has to be Lee Jenner. I’ve raced against him many times at Buckmore Park and at PF International. He’s certainly the quickest and toughest guy I’ve raced against. He’s always a few tenths of a second ahead in any conditions and on any tyres. He’s so experienced.”

Jack Aitken

Formula Renault Eurocup:

“Jack Barlow. He was always there or thereabouts when we raced together. He always made my life difficult and we had some great tussles against each other. Now we’re friends and get on great despite not competing against each other on track.”

Dave Wooder

2014 Super One Junior Rotax champion:

“My younger brother Luke. Whenever I go up against him in a MiniMax kart, he’s always wanting to be on my rear bumper and looking at ways to overtake. There’s nothing like brotherly rivalry too. We’re both hugely competitive.”

Kyle Fowlie

Super One Senior Rotax:

“My Strawberry Racing team-mate Harry Webb. He’s such a hard driver. He’s aggressive and tough to race against. Although we’re at the same team, he’s still hard work on the track and never gives you an inch.”

Chris Middlehurst

Formula Ford 1600 and BRDC F4:

“When I raced at club level at Three Sisters, I competed against Jacob Hunstone. He was always very aggressive, defended well and hard to get past. Sadly he’s not karting anymore but I still remember him well and the great battles we had.”

Bobby Thompson

Ex-Super One and FKS, now Fiestas and single-seaters:

“Undoubtedly George Russell from our MiniMax days. He was always on the point and extremely consistent. He knew just what equipment he had and how to get the best out of it. We had some good battles and it’s good to see him doing well in car racing now.”

Ross Gunn

Super One MiniMax and Junior Max champion, BRDC F4 driver:

“Kyle Fowlie. He has relentless commitment but he does it cleanly which I respect. We had great battles and he’s a nice guy. Kyle was always unbeatable in the wet when we raced. I think living in the north of Scotland has helped! He’s always quick even when he didn’t have the best equipment.”

Scott Malvern

Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Renault BARC champion:

“There are two drivers who I raced against in my days in Formula A. Mark Litchfield wasn’t always blisteringly quick but he didn’t make any mistakes. He was so consistent. In a race, the toughest was Chris Rogers. He was so fast. They were both old hands in the class and I looked up to them.”

Seb Morris

Dragon Kart Club champion and Formula Renault NEC driver:

“While racing at GYG and Three Sisters, it would be Ben Hingeley. He was always tough but fair. We’d work together to make a gap to the rest then have a laugh and exchange the lead throughout the remainder of the race.”

Jack Barlow

FKS MiniMax & Super One Junior Max champion, Formula Ford racer:

“James Singleton while in MiniMax and Junior Max. He gave me a lot of respect on track but always raced hard. It’s a shame we don’t hear about him anymore but he didn’t get a break. He was always consistent in both the dry and wet, and constantly battling up at the front with me.”