Is there room for the OK classes?

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Question: Is there room for the OK classes in UK Karting?

With the X30 classes booming and TKM being rejuvenated this year, we want to know if you think there’s room for anymore classes in UK Karting. After all, British drivers are still dominating in European Rotax racing so where are the drivers going to come from to race in OK?

The MSA announced some serious prizes last week to try and tempt drivers to race in the three round championship this year which will be promoted by Super One, but who’s going to do it? And is it worth the cost for just three weekends of racing?

WSK Champions Cup OK Junior
Click here to read about the prizes that will be awarded to the British Champions in OK and OK Junior

We want to know if you think bringing the OK classes to the UK are going to a success or just one big mistake?

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