Join Our UK Indoor Karting Challenge

stock-karting-logo-blueKarting magazine is looking to recruit indoor circuits to join our UK Indoor Karting Challenge.

We challenging all racers at indoor events to set their best lap time and the fastest drivers from each circuit will be put forward to race at our final, to see who’s the fastest indoor karter in the UK.

There are thousands of people now visiting indoor kart circuits. Many of them turn out on a more frequent basis take it quite seriously. Until now there has been no

structured competition that caters for indoor karters.

Karting magazine intends to change that by introducing the UK Indoor Karting Challenge, a national scheme open to any indoor circuit in Britain.

Participating venues will be required to set target lap times and gold, silver and bronze certificates will be issued to those who can closely match the target time. Holders of gold certificates are eligible to compete in national finals held towards the end of 2015.

Our scheme aims to increase the enjoyment of all those who visit indoor kart circuits by injecting a little extra motivation into proceedings.