The Kart Show Live, Episode 3 Review

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Last night saw the third episode of ‘The Kart Show Live’ stream on the TDi Media Facebook Page, after technical issues delayed the programme six days. With no such problems this time the programme was streamed for 77 minutes with Alan Taddei talking to John Hoyle (Super One Promoter) who was answering questions from the viewers live.

We’re going to take a look back at some of the key points that were covered during the show. The full programme can be found above.

Koden Helmets back Super One

Koden Helmets gave a free carbon fibre to all of the 2016 Super One Champions and have extended their relationship with Super One for 2017. John Hoyle revealed that if any drivers made the podium and use a Koden Helmet a cash prize will given to them by Koden. The promotion is being referred to as the ‘Koden Academy’.

Registration numbers leaked

The day before the programme streamed Louis Beaven revealed he had been able to find out the current registration numbers and had been updating a list since November! It was something he said he could do through the Super One website. Another viewer also revealed he could do it, but it took a while. As of the 23rd January here were the numbers revealed:

IAME Cadet – 51
Honda Cadet – 46
Mini Max – 10
Junior Max – 19
Senior Max – 6
Junior TKM – 30
TKM Extreme – 42
Junior X30 – 51
Senior X30 – 48
OK Junior – 15
OK – 6
KZ1 – 2

Total – 326

Now it’s very possible this is not one hundred percent accurate and it is of course two days old, but John didn’t reveal any numbers he had written down.

Overall the entries look really strong, over 300 drivers is amazing really! Of course the disappointing grids currently lay in OK, Mini Max, Senior Max and KZ1. However, John Hoyle had confirmed he had interest from several drivers who are keen to know numbers before they sign up but as he said “if you all sign up the grid will be there.”

KZ1 is expected to be around 12-15 according to teams with Mini Max expected to be around 16-20 drivers. I’d say OK is going to increase to at least 20 if not 25 and Senior Max currently has a lot of people sitting on the fence, but again I personally think the numbers could be similar to the Mini Max prediction.

Track time will not decrease

Despite the increase in entries John Hoyle did reveal there will be no changes to track time. He did mention some race meetings may start slightly earlier and finish a bit later, but overall the length of heats (10 minutes) and finals (12-15 minutes) will not decrease which I’m sure came as fantastic news.

Cadets will use drop down nose cones

One thing that will certainly clear things up for many viewers is drop down nose cones in Cadets and John Hoyle confirmed that it will be used in both Cadet classes for 2017. It’s something that he wanted for 2016, but was unable to do.

Regulations on seeded numbers to be ‘relaxed’

Another thing that was mentioned was the regulations were going to be slightly relaxed with seeded numbers. Last year you had to compete in all rounds in order to get a seeded number, but with some unavoidable clashes this year (mainly in the OK class) John said drivers can write to Super One and ask for permission to miss the event.

Rotax 177 is set to return to the paddock!

More great news to come was the interest around the Rotax 177 class. John revealed he had already ordered all the trophies for what is set to be three rounds with a cost of just under £1000. John also hinted that there could be seeded numbers should the MSA give Super One permission.

Two onboard cameras can be run

It wasn’t exactly news, but it came as news to some. It became apparent some people were not aware of the two camera rule. In Super One you are allowed to run two onboard cameras (intended for front and rear facing), but I imagine that came as news to some.

Alan Bryant is coming back

Despite announcing his retirement last year, Super One Official Alan Bryant is coming back for more Super One rounds in 2017. John revealed he’d be doing five rounds, despite issues with his health last year.

Henry Beaudette has left Super One

Although it wasn’t mentioned on the show I think it’s worth giving a shout out to Henry Beaudette. Henry has commentated at Super One events for several years and is a popular man around the paddock, but he revealed earlier this month he would be stepping down this year. It’ll be a shame to see him absent from Super One, but he will still be at other major Karting events.

Ken Potter is on the next show

The next ‘Kart Show Live’ will be streamed live next Thursday 2nd February which will see Alan joined by Super One Clerk of Course, Ken Potter. Alan will be talking to Ken about working at Club and National events and the problems Clerks face.

Written by Chris McCarthy

Video courtesy of TDi Media


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