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There are a lot of companies out there making kart chassis with the same intention. Win. It is their aim to build the best chassis possible to give them and you the edge over the competition. Here we take you through the background of some of the world’s best known chassis manufactures from the new kids on the block making an impression and the big boys with wealths of experience trying to stay on top.


Jonathan Thonon
Praga factory KZ driver Jonathan Thonon

The Praga brand was established in 1907, and is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Before World War II, it was the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the country. Post war it was forced to cease production due to damage sustained to the factory. Eventually the brand was rekindled specialising in the production of spare parts for automobiles; from 1996 to 2003, Praga produced motocross and Enduro motorbikes. Finally, under the direction of Petr Ptacek, Praga moved into the karting arena in partnership with Intrepid Karting International. Through this partnership Praga was integrated into one of the most high profile brands in karting. Using Intrepid expertise and Driver Program, Praga has gained world class drivers including Beitske Visser, Johnathon Thonon and Bas Lammers who went on to win the KZ world championship in 2012.

UK Distributors


3c Edison Court, Pinchbeck, Spalding, UK, PE11 3SW


Tel:+44 (0)1775 712633

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Johnathan Thonon – KZ
  • Jorge Pescador – KZ2
  • Michael Christensen – KZ2
  • Alexandre Arrue – KZ2


Sodi Kart Factory KZ Driver Anthony Abbasse

The Sodikart adventure started in 1981 in Sautron, in the West of France. Sodikart was created by Gildas Mérian, who is still at the head of the company; since then it has expanded its operations spectacularly, always placing innovation and customer service at the heart of its strategy. From its first small mechanical assistance workshop to the establishment in 1998 of an ultra modern factory of more than 10,000 m², Sodikart has positioned itself as global market leader while maintaining its innovating spirit and passion unchanged. Every year,Sodi chassis win hundereds of worldwide and the company is an Official Chassis Partner of the Rotax Max World Finals. In 2012 Sodikart and its Sodi chassis become World Champion CIKFIA U18 with Henry Easthope and Manufacturer’s World Champion with its chassis “Celesta” Sodi Kart is present on the five continents range of products and services: rental karts, racing karts, a complete range of accessories.

UK Distributors


York Lodge, York Road, Weybridge, KT13 9DX

Tel: 00447973911148

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Anthony Abbasse – KZ
  • Bas Lammers – KZ


Birel-ART factory driver Jordan Lennox-Lamb

BirelART was born following a merger between Birel and ART Grand Prix in September 2014 and since then the brands have flourished together using all of its 60+ years of karting experience and multiple championships to take its first high profile win at the 2014 Supernationals with Pablo De Conto. BirelART is now one of the largest groups in karting due to Birel’s connections with IAME race engines. Thanks to ART’s links with higher tiers of motorsport it is now possible for drivers to graduate up through karting all the way to GP2 whilst staying in the same team taking advantage on all the expertise they can provide from working with drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Sebastien Vettel. Other brands that derive from BirelART include Ricciardo kart formed in 2014 and RK Kart formed in 2009 as well as the easy kart race series which uses only one chassis and engine in a bid to level the playing field.

UK Distributor


Lissone House, Harris Buisness Park, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Broomsgrove, Wourcestershire, B60 4DJ, UK


Tel: 01527 889595

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Jordon Lennox-Lamb – KZ
  • Marjin Kermers – KZ
  • Taymour Kermanshahchi – OK
  • Martijn Van Leeuwen – OK
  • Lucas Legeret – OK
  • Ulysse De Pauw – OK Junior
  • Caio Collet – OK Junior
Ricciardo Kart
Ricciardo Kart arrived on the scene with a bang in 2015. from the newly formed Birel ART which partnered up with Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo to launch an new exciting brand into the world of Karting with the introduction of the Ricciardo Kart. Not only is it a winning name, Daniel has had his personal and professional touch in the design and production of the new brand to the market and is very excited about his new venture. Right from the off they have been making a name for themselves with big ticket drivers including the likes of Rick Dreezen and Kiern Jewiss with Jewis winning the WSK Champions Cup early on in 2016.
Christian Lungaard
Christian Lungaard
2016 Factory Drivers
  • Rick Dreezen – KZ
  • Troy Loeskow – KZ2
  • Christian Lungaard – OK
  • Javier Gonzalez – OK
  • Rasmus Lindh – OK Junior

Mach 1

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Not to be confused with the speed of sound, Mach1 is the make of chassis produced by the Hetschel family and engine manufacturer KZH. One must go back to 1968 for the genesis of the family business. Lothar and Wilhelm Hetschel manufactured their first kart more than 40 years ago in the cellar of their father’s house in Stuttgart – the Porsche city. Wilhelm Hetschel conquered several national titles in Germany.

As results and experience came, the Hetschel brothers started developing a series production in 1972. From Stuttgart, they then moved to Brackenheim-Meimsheim, where the headquarters of the company still are. Although the Mach1 and KZH products have been exported to a large extent, they almost always owed their most spectacular successes to German Drivers. Before their well-known motor sport careers, Drivers such as Heinz Harald Frenzen, Jörg van Ommen and even Michael Schumacher used Karting equipment “made in Hetschel”. Lothar and Wilhelm Hetschel are still at the head of the company some 42 years after their first creation and the children – led by Martin Hetschel – are fully part of the adventure and quite decided to perpetuate the tradition.

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UK Distributors


Email: info@mlcmotorsport.co.uk

Tel: +447701065325

2016 Factory Drivers

Douglas Lundberg – KZ

Tonykart (OTK Kart Group)


Tony Kart Factory Driver Nicklas Nielsen

Tonykart is arguably the best known and most successful brand in the business. Founded in 1958 by Tony Bosio who pledged his name onto the company, “the green tony” soon became notorious for winning time and time again taking numerous World and European championships in its history, this has made it one of the bestselling chassis brands in the world. The company now runs from its Tony kart is the flagship brand in the OTK kart group, others being Kosmic, FA and Expirit.

UK Distributors


24c Orgreve Crescent, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13 9NQ


Tel:0114 269 6215

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Marco Ardigo – KZ
  • Marcus Armstrong – KZ
  • Luca Corberi – KZ2
  • Alessio Piccini – KZ2
  • Nicklas Nielsen – OK
  • Clement Novalak – OK
  • Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer – OK
  • Leonardo Marseglia – OK Junior
  • Charles Milesi – OK Junior
  • Guido Moggia – OK Junior
  • David Vidales – OK Junior


Kosmic Factory Driver Karol Basz

Kosmic is often thought as the Tonykart “junior team” in a similar way that Torro Rosso is for Red Bull; last year Kosmic Won a world championship with their driver and ex works Tonykart Driver Karol Basz.

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Patrikk Hajek – KZ
  • Andreas Backman – KZ2
  • Karol Basz – OK
  • Noah Milell – OK
  • Jessica Backman – OK
  • Charles Weerts – OK Junior
  • Franck Chappard – OK Junior
  • Theo Pourchaire – OK Junior

FA or Fernando Alonso Kart is another highly successful derivative of the Tonykart winning the World KF and KF Junior Championships in the hands of Lando Norris and Enaam Ahmed.

CRG Kart Group

CRG Factory Driver Jorrit Pex

CRG has its roots in Kalì Kart, born in the 70s thanks to Calogero Vanaria, Roberto Vanaria and Giancarlo Tinini, all three kart racers, and becomes CRG in 1986. In the 90’s its structure was converted from craft-made production into industrial manufacturing. In the ‘90s CRG decided there was the need to bring engine design and production in-house to be able to obtain best results in completions and control over quality and matching of chassis/ engines performance. Maxter engines company was created.

UK Distributors


Whilton Mill Kart Circuit, Daventry, Northants, NN11 2NH

Email: crg-gb@kartcrg.com

Tel:441327 842 778

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Flavio Camponeschi – KZ
  • Simo Puhakka – KZ
  • Lorenzo Giannoni – KZ2
  • Flavio Camponeschi – OK
  • Tom Joyner – OK
  • Felice Tiene – OK
  • Paavo Tonteri – OK
  • Xavier Lloveras – OK
  • Hannes Janker – OK
  • Dennis Hauger – OK Junior


Zanardi Factory Driver Tom Joyner

Today the company has turned into a Group, called Tinini Group, from the name of the owner and President, Giancarlo Tinini. F1 drivers who raced and won with CRG chassis? Two names over all: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, racing in 2000 and 2001 with team MBM (Mercedes-Benz McLaren). In year 2000 Lewis won the Formula A European Championship beating Nico, classified second. Leader and tuner of MBM team was Dino Chiesa, still today a point of reference in karting, racing with Zanardi chassis and winner in the last four years of three titles in KF category, the last in 2013, with English driver Tom Joyner. Zanardi chassis were born thanks to Giancarlo Tinini, the owner of CRG, in collaboration with Alex Zanardi and Dino Chiesa, who is today the head of Chiesa Corse, headquarter of Zanardi chassis company.


Former Energy Factory Driver Joel Johansson

Energy, was born in 1997 and is a growing company with always better results in international racing such as first place in WSK Master Series 2013 at La Conca circuit and a great second place in European KZ2 European Championship.

UK Distributors


Kings way St Asaph Ave, Kinmel Bay, North Wales, LL18 5HB


Tel:0776 8668 515

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Sean Babington – KZ2
  • Rokas Baciuska – KZ2
  • Marco Zanchetta – KZ2
  • Thomas Mialane – OK Junior
  • Théo Nouet – OK Junior


Derek Morgan
Gillard Pilot Derek Morgan competing in Senior X30

Gillard is a British kart manufacturer founded by Tim Gillard to build chassis for 100 cc and 125 cc karts. Headquarters are based in Bathgate, Scotland, and the company has been building some of the most competitive CIK approved Cadet, Junior and Senior karts for over 20 years. The UK manufacturer has won several European championships in partnership with Peter de Bruijn’s racing team. One of Gillard’s successes was in the 2005 Karting World Championship where the Gillard-supported PDB team won with British driver Oliver Oakes, and Danish driver Michael Christensen won the European Junior Championship in the same year. Before that Carlo Van Dam and Nick De Bruijn (both Dutch) won the European Formula A Championship in 2001 and 2004 respectively. 2007 Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen was an official driver in 1999 and finished second in the European Formula Super A Championship. classes and the Cadet kart for Honda, WTP, Comer and IAME powered Cadet classes.

UK Distributor




Arrow Kart


DPE Kart Technology is an Australian based company which manufactures Arrow and Monaco Racing Karts and also distributes a huge range of Parts & Accessories. DPE Kart Technology was previously named Drew Price Engineering Pty Ltd. It was founded by Drew Price in 1973 and based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Drew’s passion for karting saw him start to manufacture his own chassis which was very successful throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

Originally these were used and sold under the Demon brand. In 1987 the Demon was replaced with the Arrow racing karts brand. Part of DPE is also the brand Monaco Karts. Over the last forty years Drew has continually added to the product portfolio and today offers the Australian karting market the most comprehensive range of chassis.

Mad Croc

StuStrettonPhotogrpahy-KartingMagazine-MadCroc-110 - edit

When Armando Filini Parted ways with ART GP in 2014 he embarked on a new challenge, His experience bringing Finnish backers MAD CROC. Since the beginning of the Journey MAD-CROC started to test the new product MC-01, with the professional driver Ben Hanley. Whilst working together Hanley and Filini have made great strides in the technical development of karts and won a lot of awards, in races and other competitions notably Winning a European Championship in 2015. In the UK Croc Karts have exploded into the market thanks to PPR Racing who have taken the brand in and proven it can mix with the best in the competitive UK market. 

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UK Distributor


Elizabeth Way, Higham Ferrers, Northants, NN10 8JR, UK

Email: pprkartteam@live.co.uk

Tel: +44 7855831921

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Ben Hanley – KZ

Gold Kart

Gold Kart factory diver Davide Foré

RIGHETTI RIDOLFI SPA is located right in the heart of the Veneto region; the home to go-karting.
Established 35 years ago and operative in the plastic materials sector, the company has specialised over the years to become a leader in accessories and parts for karts.
Today, with the Gold Kart trademark, it is the acclaimed protagonist of the worldwide go-kart scene through constant innovation to create a wide range of highly technological products. The Gold Kart is 100% made in Italy from designing all the way to manufacture, this combined with the brand’s growing notoriety has made it one of the most recognisable names in the buisness today.

2016 Factory Drivers

  • Davide Foré – KZ
  • Joel Johansson – KZ2


Written by Michael Killingworth