Circuit Guide: Capital Karts

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This circuit is the longest indoor track in the uk measuring 1050m, it has 23 challenging corners and a huge 80m straight professionally designed for the ultimate karting experience.

Turns 1 to 5

If you get it right turn 1 is a flat out left but you must turn in early, after passing the apex lift slightly and quickly turn right and shift your weight left to get grip. Turn 2 and 3 should be made into 1 smooth corner catching the apex of turn 3 and letting the kart move to the left side. Before turning into the apex of turn 4, move towards the pit entrance preparing to apply light brake pressure at the pit entrance, then turn in for 5 with the throttle back on and run as wide as possible ready for the next section.


Turns 6 to 12
This next section is where most time is lost or gained, turn 6 is flat out and stay right on the exit ready for turn 7. Turn 7 is flat out if you get it right by turning in early and hard then ease back on the steering and make it a double apex with turn 8. You need to be hugging the apex of turn 8 and the left side of the track. Turn 9 and 10 are also flat out and can be made into one smooth corner. If you get on the apex of turn 9, exit turn 10 by hugging the left side of the track. At turn 11 you need to be tight on the apex and get to the right ready for turn 12. Stay on the throttle!

Turn 13 to 17
Turn 13 is a fast easy left but on on the exit prepare for turn 14, the hairpin by race control. Move to the left ready to apply the brakes for the first time since turn 5 being careful not to lock the wheels as this will drop engine revs on the exit. On the approach to turn 15 be on the right and apply light brake pressure and get that apex with the throttle back on. Turn 16 can be taken flat out but I advise to lift quickly upon turning, to settle the kart on the bumps. Exit 16 and get to the right as quick as you can, ready for the fast long sweeping left of turn 17. You want to hugging the apex of this one.


Turn 18 to 23
After passing the mechanics workshop, turn 18 is a very slight right where you want to hug the right side to get the right line for turn 19. Turn 19 is the hardest to get right as you will be travelling fast and don’t want to lift! Take a wide exit ready for turn 20 where you apply a slight amount of brakes as you are turning into the apex. You want to be in the middle of the track on the exit as turn 21 is very close by and tight if you find yourself too far right. Turn 22 requires a lift of the throttle so you don’t run wide on the exit and turn 23 is important to get maximum speed down the start/ finish straight.


Overtaking and Insider tips
You need to be as smooth as possible with steering and pedal inputs so you keep sliding and skidding to a minimum, this just lowers your engine revs and hurts your top speed. This track has plenty of overtaking points. Turn 2 and 3 can be taken tight to position yourself on the inside for turn 4, if blocked for turn 4 then keep left to be on the inside for turn 5. The exit of turn 10 can be taken tight or wide to overtake, tight and you’re on the inside for turn 11, wide and you can overtake on the outside of turn 11 and be on the inside for turn12. Turn 15 you can position yourself wide right to gain the inside line on the exit of 15. When following another kart into turn 18, stay right slightly longer than normal and turn tight to be on the inside for turns 19 and 20. The same applies for turn 22 turn in late exiting on the right side and drive round the outside of 23. The lap record is 1m11.2s but anything in the 1m12 to 1m13 seconds is a quick lap and shows you know what you’re doing!

For more information on Capital Karts head to their website


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