Circuit Guide: Darley Moor

MAPtrack1Approach this first sequence of corners in 4th gear. You can touch the edge of the right hand kerb and then it is straight over brushing the left hand kerb. It is essential that you do not use too much of the kerb as it is quite steep and unsettles the kart. Keep off the third right hand kerb at the exit and this allows you to straight line the last part of the chicane. The kerb is much flatter and you can use part of it as you accelerate away and grab 5th gear. Then change into 6th gear for a brief moment as the track drops down towards the next corner. The chicane can be a very busy sequence of corners on the opening lap of a race so a bit of care needs to be taken if you are in mid-pack to make sure to get through smoothly.

Matt Isherwood
Darley Moor often has some of the countries best racing…

Park Corner Keep to the left of the track in 6th gear as it drops down towards the corner, however, if you are dicing with someone it is a good overtaking point so be mindful of defending your position. It is hard braking as you approach the corner and I come down two gears to 4th so that it doesn’t over rev the engine. Roll through the corner hugging the inside kerb and let the kart run out on the exit. I drop down to 3rd on the exit to allow the engine to pull away from the corner. Accelerate hard and go through the gears grabbing 6th before the next sequence.

Esses The track climbs a bit on the way out of Park Corner so you have to be careful on the gear changes for one of the fastest parts of the circuit. You take the Esses flat in 6th gear at approximately 114 mph. It is like threading the eye of a needle. Just touch the edge of the kerbs. If you hit them hard it throws the kart into the air and on landing this could send the kart sideways with nasty consequences. As you leave the last left hand kerb of the sequence aim to the right hand side of the track to set you up for the next corner.

Townleys Take a slight lift at this fast left hander, coming down one gear to 5th and hug the inside kerb. There is not much run off on the outside of the corner so you have to be brave and committed through here. I hold the kart in 5th gear on the exit keeping to the left hand side of the track and not letting it run out to the right.

Daniel Butler
Run offs can be tight, this guy got lucky…

Hairpin The hairpin is the highest point on the circuit and another ideal overtaking place on the brakes. While the best line is to keep to the left hand side on the approach, look out for a late braking manoeuvre on your right hand side, particularly on the last lap. Approaching in 5th gear, it is then hard on the brakes and down to 1st gear. Slip the clutch as you turn in and hug the inside. There is no kerbing on the apex so the grass is your marker. Let the kart run out to the left on the exit of the hairpin and grab 2nd gear. As the circuit starts to kink to the left select 3rd gear and then go up through the gears to 6th.

Pope Straight The exit from the kink naturally throws the kart out to the centre of the track and you should continue to accelerate down the slight hill along Pope Straight in mid track going up to 6th gear. Once you are past the entry to the access road back to the paddock gradually move across to the left hand side of the track. The tarmac surface is a lot smoother, now that it has been re-surfaced, so you haven’t got to look out for the bumps and can concentrate on the next corner.  

Lee Harpham
All going well there won’t be a saftey car…

Paddock Corner There is a marshals post on the right hand side of the track and shortly after there is a surface change. You are pulling 14,500 rpm in 6th gear at approximately 116mph. Keep the kart to the left hand side of the track and just after the surface change brake hard and come down two gears to 4th. This is the last point that anyone can get past you on the lap, so if they weren’t successful at the hairpin they may have towed you down the Pope Straight. Aim for the right hand kerb and roll through the corner, letting the kart run out to the left on the exit. I grab 3rd gear at the exit to provide a punch out of the corner and then up to 4th gear as I cross the finish line in a time of 1m 02.50s, an average speed of 86.40mph.

Written by Gary James

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