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Circuit Guide: Daytona Sandown Park




The GP Circuit is the full 900m track. Offering eight challenging corners and several straights with plenty of overtaking opportunities. There are four hairpin bends, so a good lap becomes about maintaining a high minimum corner speed. The circuits has been designed to suit racers of all abilities from beginners to serious enthusiasts.

Lap Start

Flat out across the start/finish line and into Turn 1. Treat Turn 1 as a double apex corner, carry as much speed into this corner as possible, as smoothly as possible. Use all the track mid-corner, don’t be afraid to let yourself run out wide, then cut back to the second apex on exit. As you approach Turn 2, turn in early and clip the inside kerb for best entry.


Turns 3 and 4

For a fast lap you need to sacrifice a bit of speed in Turn 3. If you pile into Turn 2, you’ll still be gathering it up as you enter Turn 3 and you’ll be on the left hand side of the track for Turn 4, a left-hand hairpin. So control your speed through Turn 3 to allow a wider entry and therefore faster exit of Turn 4. Use the kerb on the inside of the exit and carry as much speed as possible onto straight.

Turns 5 and 6

The straight between Turn 4 and 5 has a slight kink, keep to the left here and set yourself up for straight line braking into Turn 5. You can carry a surprising amount of speed into and out of this corner. Positioning here is crucial. Ensure you’re right of centre for entry into Turn 5 but you don’t really need to be further left than middle of the track for a good entry into turn 6. Stay tight to apex all the way around Turn 6 and keep the cart settled, so as to achieve a good exit uphill onto the short straight. Too early on the power here and you’ll be fighting the kart.


Turns 7, 8 and 9

Be as late on the brakes as you can into Turn 7 and use the inside kerb. There’s a change of Tarmac here, so use that as a braking marker. Again, keep the cart as settled and tight as possible around Turn 8 to give a wide entry into the final turn. If you run too hot into Turn 7, you’ll carry that unwanted speed into Turn 8 and end up on the right hand side of the track; exactly where you don’t want to be. Don’t be too greedy on the brakes for Turn 9; this one is vital for the run down the straight. Turn in a little later than you think, clip the inside kerb on the way out of the corner and try to ensure a tidy exit onto final straight.


Use your body weight as ballast. Around Turn 1, relax and let your body lean out to the left. This will move your weight more to the outside wheels, therefore giving more grip to those wheels. Try to use this technique in all corners..

Try to focus on coming out of corners quicker rather than entering the corner quicker.

The most important turn is the final corner as, if you get this wrong you will lose time out of the corner and all along the straight and into Turn 1.



There are plenty of overtaking opportunities at Sandown Park. The main place is the start/finish straight and into Turn 1. Turns 3 and 4, 5 and 6 are opposing corners, these present various overtaking options i.e. carry extra speed through Turn 3 to give yourself a run up the inside into Turn 4. If they defend here, move to the right, get a good wide entry into Turn 4 and get a better exit, this will then allow you to get past before or into Turn 5. Again, Turn 5 and 6 are opposing, so if your opponent defends into Turn 5, get a wider entry and faster exit from Turn 5 and carry speed up inside into Turn 6, a sweeping right-hander.

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