Circuit Guide: Kimbolton

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Located in a heart of Cambridgeshire, between Huntington and Wellingborough, and easily accessible from the A14, Kimbolton is a firm favorite club track. With a multitude of hairpins and tight complexes, it rewards driver patience and a well setup chassis!

Hines Straight

The main straight for Kimbolton starts way before the start finish line and isn’t straight throughout its entirety. It features two left kinks after the final corner and gives the possibility of overtaking into Stow corner (turn 1).

Jordan Goodyear
Stowe Corner nearly always claims a victim… Or two

Stow Corner

The apex point is quite late along the kerb, this means a wide line into Stow will allow you to carry the most speed possible. This also opens up the inside for an overtaking maneuver. When heading towards turn 1 a glance over the shoulder will help you decide whether or not to defend. If you are following someone else a ‘dummy’ move can be used to trick the opposition. (There is an excellent example of this in the Junior TKM Final at TKM festival)

The Willows

After apexing at Stow run the kart wide onto the exit kerb and again aim for a late apex towards the second kerb. Avoid running over these kerbs as it will unsettle the kart. Skimming the slanted edge of the kerb ensures the safest line and will avoid damaging the kart/ compromising exit speed. Bring the kart into the Willows main kerb and let it run wide towards the back straight.

Reggie Duhy
Keep it tidy through the Willows

Yamitsu + Bus Stop

On the way towards Yamitsu let the kart run towards the right hand side of the circuit. Aim for the kerb and run over it to get a tight line through the Bus Stop. After running over the first apex keep clear of all apexes after as they will only unsettle the kart.

Hanger Complex

The complex is fast and requires careful throttle response. In a high powered kart squeezing the throttle through the corner is the smoothest way through and will help give you a better run onto the main straight.

Middle of the track and bringing the kart in towards the apex each time through the complex.

Ian Mcleod
Try not to run too wide on the final corner as a good exit is vital

TKM Straight

This straight gives overtaking opportunities but is a hard braking point so be careful not to overshoot. Into the final corner an early apex and good run onto the main straight is important for a fast lap.


Stowe is a hard braking point so lunges can be made on the inside. Or a cut back can be made to get to the second apex. Into the bus stop a lunge to the inside over the kerb will allow a pass. At the end of the TKM straight an inside line will work or if you can get alongside them around the outside you will be on their inside into the final corner. If another driver runs wide into the hangar complex a dive towards the inside works too.

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