Circuit Guide: PPiK Leeds



Start/finish straight to end of the  Chicane:

Crossing the start/finish line you should be close to the right side barrier. Heading towards turn #1 (right hand hairpin) you need to be as far left as possible, break as late as you can in a straight line and turn in sharply, get on the  power as soon as you can and try to keep as close to the apex (tyre) as possible, you will drift toward the left on the exit which is pretty much where you need to be (move a bit more to the middle of the track) for the approach to the Chicane. The chicane can’t be ‘straight lined’ so you should lift or dab the breaks on entry and you have to steer left, right, left. It’s important to be smooth though this section so you can get a good exit and run towards the bridge.

The Bridge and  Right, Left Hairpins:

Exit from the chicane will normally push you towards the right (you can keep it tighter) so you need to cross to the left around the crest of the bridge, drop down the hill, lift or break late, turn in and put your foot down, you will need to get back to the right side to be ready for the following left Hairpin which you need to exit as smoothly as possible to get good speed for the coming fast corners.

Turns 7&8  fast sweeping left hander and the underpass:

This is a flat out set of corners, turn in late to the first left turn part of this section and aim for the apex half way through the corner, drift to the right to set yourself to enter the Underpass.

To enter the Underpass (you are still at full speed here, and all the way to turn 11) keep to the left on entry and head for the middle of the track, don’t go too far to the right at this point because the exit has a double apex, and the second apex is tighter and the one you should focus on, turn in too soon and you will be too far to the left to be ready for turn 11.

Final turns 11 and 12 (Hairpins):

Keep to the right, I like to break late, turn in late and get a tight exit so I’m already on the left for turn 12. It’s important to keep it smooth through 11, and very smooth through 12 (using the full width on the exit of 12) so you get maximum exit speed onto the start finish straight.


You can overtake into just about every corner if the driver in front makes the slightest mistake out of the previous corner.

If you get a good run out the final turn 12 you can get good run and get along side someone and overtake into turn 1.

A last minute dive down the inside into T1 is also possible but be careful because the kart in front has the racing line and if they don’t know you are there they will turn in and you will probably  crash into them and get black flagged.

A favourite overtaking point is over the bridge into T5. Get a good exit and tight line out of the chicane keep tight to the left, show the kart in front you are going to try pass on the left (don’t pull alongside), they will move to the left to defend, simply switch to the right and dive down the inside. You will need to defend the exit and the next corner also.


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