Circuit Guide: Teesside Autodrome

Teesside Circuit Layout

Located East of Middlesbrough and just off the A66, The fully-floodlit circuit is open 5 days a week for KartingThe circuit is one of the longest in the UK, with the full length 2.1km International layout being used predominantly for car and bike racing as well as drift events for the more outlandish drivers. The shorter, 1300m-long National circuit is the most popular for Karting events and is outlined in the track guide below.


Turns 1-5

The track starts with a long straight running down to the first corner, a long sweeping right-hander that can be taken flat out. As soon as you have exited the long, wide first turn, you have little time to straighten up the steering before another flat out sequence of corners, which are usually taken single-file, unless lots of racing room is given. The circuit takes a slight turn to the right before a right/left double S-bend, which can be completely straight-lined flat out.


Turns 6-10

Upon exit, the next turn is a left-hand hairpin, one of the two main braking points. It requires heavy braking as you are likely to be travelling at about 75mph at this point. A traditional outside line is favourable upon entry, but stay away from the kerbs! Overtaking can happen here, especially on lap 1. This hairpin is immediately followed by a right-hand hairpin, so you will need to quickly cross back over to the left side of the track to get the best entrance and exit from this important corner. Braking is unnecessary for the right-hand hairpin, as you are travelling much slower on entry. A little speed may need to be scrubbed through the turn if you turn in too early here, so try and turn in late to get a good run down the following straight. If the chicane is in play, stick to the left of the track on the approach. There’s not enough room for racing through here so it’s important to give each other room. Apex the first right-hander with a slight lift, sticking to the inside curb as best you can for a late turn in to the left-hander. This will allow you to straight line the final right-hander as you get the power on for the sweeping, banked right turn just ahead.


Turns 11-15

The long, banked right turn at the bottom of the track is a very wide flat out corner. Sticking tight to the inside before straightening up the steering for the second braking point on the track, another right-hand hairpin, is the best choice of line. There is a lot of grip available here for late braking. Stay off the apex kerbs to avoid unsettling the kart. As the right-hand hairpin is immediately followed by a left-hand hairpin, you will need to quickly cross-over to the right side of the track to get the best entrance and exit to arguably the most important turn at Teesside.

Braking is unnecessary again here. Just scrub a little speed on entry with the steering or a small lift of the throttle, then get back on the power early to carry as much speed as possible through to the exit. It leads onto a long flat out section all the way back to turn 1, with a small left and right kink. The best line is to smoothly clip both apexes before coming back on to the start/finish straight.

Hints and Tips

This circuit will favour those who have a smooth driving style, as most of the corners are taken at high speed. There are only 2 proper braking points on the whole track, so maintaining your momentum and keeping the revs up is crucial to a fast lap around here. If you can achieve this, then you will give yourself the best opportunity to overtake. Good exit speed out of the final hairpin will give you a good run and the chance to dive up the inside of your opponent at turn 1. Likewise, the two hairpins in the infield are equally a possibility if you’ve had a particularly clean run through the double S-bend. The banked right hander opens up to the best overtaking opportunity on the track so make sure you get on the power early out of the previous chicane. This track requires a very good top end; hence any underpowered karts will be heavily punished as a result.

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