Circuit Guide: Daytona Milton Keynes


The International circuit is 1360m in length comprising 11 challenging corners and a long back straight. Get up to speed!

Turn 1

From the start/finish line sweep left through turn 1 without lifting; it’s easily flat out in the dry, but don’t run too wide onto the steep kerb on the exit.

Turns 2 and 3
Turns 2 and 3 are a complex left – right flick. Brake hard but briefly in a straight line approaching turn 2 and get the kart across the concrete apron on the apex. Don’t drift too far right, just about halfway across the track before flicking the kart right into turn 3. Keep the same lock on and the kart will drift across to the right hand side approaching turn 4.

Turn 4
Brake hard on the slight uphill rise before the crest. Turn in and get the entire apron at the apex before running out as close to the kerb as you can.

The Daytona Max Championship always swings by Milton Keynes

Turn 5
The approach to turn 5 is tricky. Point the kart towards the kerb on the left hand side and brake slightly before turning in early, apexing about a third of the way round before accelerating hard and letting the kart drift out all the way around the outside of the turn.

Turn 6
The approach to turn 6 is downhill, you may want a slight ‘comfort lift’ before turning in at the second black line that runs across the track. The apex is unsighted going in and the kart wants to get away from you as it’s quite steeply downhill. Hit the apex mid-way round the corner and let the kart drift to the outside of the track. Keep the same lock on and the kart will come across the track to the right hand side ready for turn 7.

Turn 7
Brake just as the kart straightens up properly and get to the apex in the middle of the corner and accelerate out and down the hill towards turn 8.

They even have a fancy saftey car!

Turn 8
Braking for turn 8 is tricky as the track snakes through some esses before the corner. Aim for the right hand side of the track past the marshal post and turn in early to get all of the concrete apron and get on the power as early as you can. It’s better to brake a little earlier and get the power on early than to try and sneak some time on the brakes and get a poor exit as the long uphill straight follows.

Turn 9
Keep on the right hand side all the way up the hill and approach turn 9 hard on the power. Don’t lift going into turn 9; turn in at the black line that runs across the track and keep the kart on the inside kerb all the way round. Just after the red and white kerb ends, get on the brakes hard for turn 10.

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Even Hamilton likes a hack around MK

Turn 10
Turn 10 is the slowest corner on the track and is a good overtaking opportunity. Don’t take too much kerb on the apex of this hairpin as it unsettles the kart. Getting on the power early is key to a good exit and will gain time up to turn 11.

Turn 11
Turn 11 demands just a quick stab on the brakes before sweeping in across the apron and then exiting wide right up to the kerb. Stay on the right across the start finish line to start another lap of the technical and demanding Daytona Milton Keynes.


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