Circuit Guide: Dunkeswell


Like Lands End and John O’groats are famous for being the First & Last geographical towns in the UK well, Dunkeswell Kart Racing Club, in Devon, can boast that it is the First and Last place in the UK where you can go MSA racing!

Main Straight 

Rolling starts are used for all the direct drive karts with only the 250 National Gearbox Class having F1 style standing starts. Coming down Main Straight  you need to get across to the left hand side of the track and dab the brakes about 20m out to help turn the kart in.

Turn 1 : Pit Bend 

The scene of many first corner incidents as too many drivers vie for the same piece of tarmac! Once you have settled the kart, sweep in across the track to take the apex before gently squeezing the throttle on the exit and letting the kart drift out to the left to line you up for The Complex.

Turn 2, 3 and 4: The Complex 

This is a series of 3 low speed corners which leads on to the Mini Straight. Probably the most technical part of the circuit, you enter the complex, kissing the apex at turn 2 which is a slight right hander before braking and positioning the kart just to left of centre to prevent someone from coming up your inside. Once into turn 3, accelerate gently and allow the kart to settle before apexing the right handed turn 4 in front of the Dunkeswell WAG stand!

The Mini Straight 

Coming out of The Complex, let the kart drift out to the left whilst you try to avoid the rumble strips on the circuit edge and anyone trying to get the undercut on you. Head and foot down until you flash past the marshal post and over the first of 2 timing strips to brake hard for Turn 5.

Turn 5 

Slightly narrower than Turn 4, you need to brake in time to sweep around and hit the apex letting the kart drift out to the left before driving back across the track to settle yourself the excellent left hander of Turn 6.

Turn 6 

Having got your kart settled, you enter Turn 6 crossing from the right hand side of the track to make the apex before trying to control the rear of the kart as the corner tightens in on itself. Always a tricky balance of throttle and grip to try and maintain the maximum speed through this section of the circuit.

Turn 7 

Once through 6, bring the kart across to the right to try and hit the apex to straighten your run into the left hander of Turn 8 going into Hanger Bend.

Turn 8 & 9: Hanger Bend 

As you run into Hanger, the circuit begins to build up around you as the fencing gives the track a narrowing tunnel effect making you feel like you are going faster than you are. Once through 8, it’s hard on the brakes to get round the hairpin at turn 9 before allowing the kart to again drift out to the left being wary of the drainage work that’s ready to punish anyone who goes out too far!

Turn 10: The Chicane 

Having got through Hanger, keep the kart over to the left before braking slightly at the marshal post to scrub off some speed before entering the Chicane. This is a superb corner, which rewards both the smooth driver and punishes the unwary driver in equal measures. Keeping the kart as straight as possible you bring the kart right to apex the entrance before kissing the left hand side of the corner before getting as close to the kerbs as you dare on the right hand exit of the corner. Clip those and you can find yourself in the sound fence!

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