Circuit Guide: Lydd

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James Clarke took control of the Circuit in 2011 and is investing in his vision of the future of Lydd as a karting venue. James is very passionate about Lydd & karting, bringing new people into the sport and progressing younger ones up through the classes. Their club race meetings, 2nd Sunday of each month are going from strength to strength.

Turn 1

The run from the start flag to the first corner is 
very short and normally means the grid is packed together into the Turn 1 on the first lap. The two stage corner consists of a quick right and a sharp left that opens up. It looks as though the kart needs to be slowed down a lot for this complex but a surprising amount of speed can be carried through onto the next straight. Getting yourself to the left side of the track before the corner allows you to run into the corner with maximum speed. Sliding the kart through the right hand section slows the kart and allows you to load the front and switch weight to get over the inside kerb. After hitting the inside kerb run the kart towards the exit kerb and get as close as you dare! Then follow the edge of the track to the right kink and onto the straight.

Turn 2

Turn 2 is virtually the same as Turn 1, the only difference is there is a larger kerb on the right section which should be used completely. Similarly to Turn 1 sliding the kart into and through the corner is the quickest.

Turn 3 and 4

This corner requires late braking and diving
deep into the corner. As you turn in don’t hit the kerb too early. Make sure you clip the kerb late as you exit the corner. After run towards the exit kerb. Follow the edge of the track round up towards the bump in the track. Any Senior kart will lift of the ground over the bump, if you aren’t feeling a thud shortly after the bump, you aren’t going fast enough! This is flat out and braking should be done after landing.

Turn 5

Once you’ve landed straight line the right corner, being careful of the kerb on the right as it is sharp. Then hold the throttle steady through Turn 5 the long
left hand sweeping bend. As it begins to open up continue to hold the left line until you can straight line the right hand kerb onto the main straight. The main straight is long and bumpy towards the end. On cold tyres or a cold day watch your braking point as a few feet can make a big difference because the bumps will unsettle your kart. The braking point is as far as you can push it.

Turn 8 and 9

The last two right handers Turn 8 and 9 require gentle and progressive throttle to maximise exit speed. There is a large amount of exit kerb to use which allows you to get a good run onto the first corner. Getting the kart into the first apex is not needed, but it is important to get close to the second kerb.

Turn 1 and 2 provide good opportunities to overtake. Either by diving to the inside on the entry to the corner or using all of the inside kerb and cutting back. Diving into Turn 3 can gift an overtake, but be careful not to dive too deep as the other driver might cut back. The long sweeping left hander needs to be approached with care. Over takes can be completed down the main straight into turn 8. This requires late braking and again being careful of cut backs. Braking late will naturally push the kart further into the corner, be careful not to outbrake yourself.

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