Track Guide: Bishopscourt

Turn 1

I approach this left-hander at 130mph in 5th gear pulling 11,000 revs, moving to the right hand side of the straight just after the pit road exit. Using the full width of the circuit, I turn in to the corner as smoothly as possible to maintain the speed and hug the inside kerb trying to stay as far to the left of the track as possible for a better entry to the next corner. It’s absolutely flat out, and sometimes the back end wants to step out so it requires 100% concentration and commitment.

Turn 2

Using the end of the slip road on the left hand side as my braking point, I dab the brakes and come down to 4th gear, going through the corner at 100mph. The kart always understeers here, no matter what you do with set-up, so you just let the kart run out on the exit.

Turn 3

This is a slight left hand kink on the map but I straight-line this after getting a good exit from the previous corner and then keep to the left hand side of the track approaching Turn 4.

Turn 4

I approach this tight right-hander at 105mph in 4th gear pulling 10,000 revs. It’s then hard on the brakes and down to 2nd gear. At around 50mph, take a late apex so that you get a good exit onto the following straight and accelerate up through 3rd and into 4th gear.

Turn 5

After a short straight you approach the chicane in 4th gear. As you lift off the throttle, turn in and come down to 3rd gear, at around 80mph. On the exit I grab 4th gear and aim for the slip road on the right hand side as my exit point. As I accelerate away from the chicane I grab 5th gear. This is the most important corner for kart set-up. You want a stable kart, but too much understeer and you’re throwing away apex speed. It’s so important to get a good exit here as the following straight (including the flat out Turn 6) is quite long.

Turn 6

This is a left-right flick taken absolutely flat at 115mph in 5th gear with the kart still accelerating as you aim simply to follow the path of least resistance. It is a very satisfying sequence and you are nowhere near the limit of adhesion. It can be tricky if you catch a backmarker in this section.

Turn 7

Following another short straight, I approach the second chicane at 125mph pulling 10,700 revs. This sequence is similar to the first chicane but is quicker and, like the first chicane, it needs a really refined set-up. The most exhilarating sequence Bishopscourt has to offer, the Turn 7 chicane and the following corner are where you can gain or lose the most amount of time during a lap. Brake and come down to 4th gear and then use all of the kerbs for better momentum. The apex speed is around 100mph, but don’t use too much of the circuit on the exit of the left-hander because you need to pull the kart back to the left hand side of the track on the next short straight to set you up for the entry to the following corner.

Turn 8

This right hand corner is tighter than it appears. I drop down to 3rd gear and dab the brakes to get the nose in. Ignore the kerb on the inside as it unsettles the back end, and let the kart run out on the exit as the circuit starts to climb slightly and bends round to the left. Get the kart as far to the right of the track as possible for the entry to the final part of the lap.

Turn 9

Swing the kart hard over to the left hand side of the circuit, just clipping the kerb as you begin to brake, to set you up for the approach to the final corner. Turn 9 is not really a corner, but acts as a marker to set you up for the final bend.

Turn 10

This corner is similar to Club Corner at Silverstone. Hard on the brakes I come down to 2nd gear on the entry and hit the apex. Accelerate as early and as hard as the rear tyres will allow as the corner starts to open up letting the kart run out to the exit kerb and grab 3rd gear. Keep the power on as the circuit starts to go slightly downhill and grab 4th gear and then 5th as you cross the grid to start another lap having just recorded a time of 69.223s at an average speed of 102.72mph.

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