Track Guide: Castle Combe

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I have just changed up to 5th gear across the start and finish line to gain as much speed as possible. This sets you up for the approach to Folly and the fastest part of the track. The right hand kink does not create any difficulties to the engine or the steering and there is little adjustment to be made. Keeping the kart at a consistent, fast speed is the best way to approach it. Maintain your speed as the track drops slightly on the exit but don’t let the kart drift out too much to the left.

Avon Rise

The approach is slightly uphill with the brow right on the apex of the corner and itis a bit bumpy. With the kart towards the right hand side of the circuit, turn in to the apex on the brow and keep the kart to the left of the track. This is important to create a good line and set you up in time for your entry to the next corner while maintaining good pace.

Quarry Corner

Keeping the kart as square to the track as possible will optimise the braking potential. There are multiple lines taken through this corner but ideally you should brake in a straight line and come down two gears to 3rd. Turn in appears to be a bit late and you should aim for the apex. If you are defending, you may need to position the kart more to the right on the approach but this will compromise your apex point. Use the majority of the track as you exit the corner and grab 4th gear.

The Esses

Keep the kart in 4th gear as you head down Farm Straight and position the kart to the left of the track. The positioning of the kart will open up for the first part of the chicane. Try to take as much of the kerb as possible when turning into the right. As you approach the turn to the left, come down to 3rd gear and move on to the power. Take the kerb as early as possible, taking a wide line which will help to maintain as much speed as possible. Use most of the track on the exit and as you come out of the chicane, change up into 4th gear.

Old Paddock Bend

Move the kart across to the middle of the track on the approach to Old Paddock and change up to 5th gear. Follow this up by easing the kart into the corner. As long as you have a good line the corner can be taken flat out, however it can be bumpy and uneven so the course that you follow should be plotted carefully to reduce risk of injury or damage to the kart. Plan your route so as to make sure for the best run down the Hammerdown Straight.

Tower Corner

The Hammerdown Straight has a slight left hand kink in it and you should ensure that you don’t drift out otherwise this will compromise the entry to Tower. The approach is slightly downhill for this difficult and tricky off-camber corner. Brake and change down two gears to 3rd and take a late apex. Be patient with the throttle due to the kerb on the exit – it is not forgiving and can drag you off the track. Accelerate after this and change up to 4th gear as the circuit starts to rise. Bobbies Keep to the left of the track on the approach and change down to 3rd gear.

Lower the speed as much as possible and, as you enter the right hand bend, hit a late apex. The braking into the right hand bend is difficult. This is due to the track dipping in level and the kart being unable to maintain grip. Approaching in a lower speed will help to avoid this. Out of the left hand dip the track begins to rise and widen out. Use as much of the track on the exit as possible in order to maximise acceleration.

Acceleration will be difficult out of the corner due to the rise in track and a touch of oversteer. There is a big, smooth kerb on the right hand side of the track and this can be used. Hug the kerb on the way out using as much speed and throttle as possible and grab 4th gear. Westway Accelerate as hard as possible up to 5th gear and maintain the speed through Westway. It’s not really a corner and is straightlined allowing you to maintain the speed of the kart.

Camp Corner

Position the kart to the left of the track along Dean Straight as this will help to set you up for the final corner of the track. If the kart is well set up and balanced on the approach you can afford to take a small lift off the throttle or downchange to 4th gear for a decrease in speed. Halfway around the corner there is slight unevenness in the tarmac which can be felt as a bump in the track. This will unsettle the kart and could affect speed and throw the kart off its line. The best way to handle this is to be prepared for the bump and continue through it at pace. Let the kart run out on the exit and change up to 5th gear as soon as possible and gain as much speed as available to cross the Finish line in a time of 1m 7.666s, a speed of 98.42mph.

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