Circuit Guide: Fulbeck


It’s a few hundred metres from PF International but Fulbeck doesn’t deserve to
be overshadowed.

Turn 1
A long run to the first bend usually sorts out most drivers after the start but, if needed, the
first turn does allow side by side racing on the first lap. The normal racing line is full left,
braking before a conventional turn in. Once on the kerb hold this position to the apex. Let
the kart run wide as the bend tightens allowing it to take up the full width of the track.

For gearbox karts this is the main overtaking point, being wide enough to offer a variety of
lines for those who dive up the inside.


Turn 2

Approach the right flip from the left hand side of the circuit, braking as you run to the right
of the circuit beyonf the kerb. Accelerate into the chicane braking just beyond the kerb,
which you can run across. Exit, clipping the left hand kerb, straight lining the bend as
much as possible to complete the manoeuvre on the right of the track.

Turn 3
Approached from hard right this is a standard ninety left with either a dab of the brakes or
a light lift. Start hard right cutting across to the kerb, then running wide to the full outside
as you exit the bend. Overtaking is only possible if the driver ahead makes an error, but
the exit from this bend is crucial if an overtaking opportunity is to be taken at the next turn.

Fulbeck is also known for it’s MASSIVE KERBS

Turn 4
Running from the ninety left, ease the kart back from the right hand side of the track over
to the left braking for the 180°. Turn in onto the kerb following it round to a wide exit. Let
the kart run wide to the very edge of the track. There are overtaking opportunities up the
inside as you enter the bend. This will make the exit more difficult, but provided that you do
not run wide onto the soil you should be able to hold the position.


Turn 5
Fulbeck is famous for its Pits Complex, which is approached from hard right. Turn in onto
the nearside kerb braking as you straight line the bend. A driver with a good exit from Turn
4 may take the inside here. Hug the kerb the the 180° loop accelerating wide for the next
90° right. Do not run much wider than mid track as you pull back right, turning in early,
missing the kerb at the apex to run wide exiting the bend. The exit to the complex is one of
the most important turns on the circuit as it sets the driver up for the longest straight and
most usable overtaking point.

Turn 6
Turn in to straight line the entrance to this chicane. Brake as you cut across the track
keeping well to the right but missing the kerb. Turn in to a late apex running wide over the
exit kerb before letting the kart use the full width of the circuit. The most used overtaking
point for direct drive karts – if an opportunity opens up to nip inside a leading driver, it is
well worth carrying it through.


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