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Track Guide: Thruxton





Approach this right hander at 108 mph in 4th gear. The turn in is late and the corner is taken flat pulling 10700rpm with the DRS activated through the corner. You need to keep off the inside kerb as it is quite high. Let the kart run out wide on the exit and grab 5th gear. Keep the kart to the left hand side of the circuit through the gradual left hand turn as the track rises.


After climbing away from Allard I approach the first part of the complex at 120mph in 5th gear with the engine revving to 10600rpm. I release the DRS to make sure it’s fully down before I brake hard. This ensures that the rear end is stable and I benefit from maximum deceleration. I come down to 2nd gear and turn in as late as possible. Try not to let the kart drift out past the mid-point of the tarmac so that you can slingshot through the next corner in the complex.


The second part of the complex is taken flat out in 2nd gear. Try not to let the kart drift out too much to the right on the exit so that you can get a better line through the last part of the complex. The kart tends to oversteer a bit under power as you are in the peak power range at 10700rpm.


I grab 3rd gear just after Cobb and flick the DRS on when the kart is straight. The corner is taken flat in 3rd. Stay well away from the inside kerb as its high. You can let the kart run out to the exit kerb but it isn’t necessary. As you accelerate away from Segrave grab 4th gear and then 5th just before the next corner. It is very important to get a good clean exit from the complex as it is flat out from here to the final chicane. Any exit speed that you gain here will also gain you time all the way to the Club chicane.


Bring the kart over to the right hand side of the track to get a good turn in for this fast left-hander still holding 5th gear with the kart revving at 10400rpm. I can just about use the DRS through here, although my line has to be perfect and the tyres need to be in good condition otherwise the kart becomes unstable and I compromise my entry to the next corner by running wide.


There are many lines that you can take through Goodwood but the secret is to keep it neat and tidy through here and scrub off as little speed as possible. Position the kart in the middle apex of the corner. I am pulling 10400 revs at 118 mph in 5th gear. I don’t use the DRS as it makes the kart a bit unstable, which scrubs off the speed, but I activate it as soon as most of the turning has been completed


This corner is really an extension of Goodwood as the circuit is still turning right around a very long curve. There is a small kerb on the apex of the bend and you should aim for that to take the shortest distance. You need to straight line this section as much as possible applying a small amount of steering to maintain maximum speed.


The approach to Church is nearly the fastest part of the circuit with a speed of 126mph at 10900rpm. The marshals post on the inside is a good reference point. Keep close to the kerb so that the kart doesn’t run out on the exit. There is a small hump on the inside but it doesn’t unsettle the kart too much if you are smooth and I use the DRS through here. Stay away from the exit kerb as it is ridged and can damage your tyres as well as scrubbing off speed. You need to drive through this corner as smooth as possible and don’t throw the kart into the corner, as you will be all over the place on the exit.


This is a gradual left hand curve and the circuit starts to rise. Try and slipstream other karts as much as possible through.

Club Chicane

The chicane is a tight messy end to the lap as you have been in 5th gear for a long time. You cannot see the inside kerb on the approach to the corner. Use the skid marks on the tarmac as a reference point as there are few helpful distance boards. I release the DRS and then it’s hard on the brakes and down to 2nd gear. There are lots of different lines that you can take but I try and brake in a straight line from the very right hand side of the track so that I end up in the middle of the track for the turn in. The circuit sweeps to the right while you are in the braking zone. Turn into the first apex at 65 mph and keep off the kerb as it high. Hug the inside and then accelerate through the left hand part of the chicane taking a bit of kerb. Keep it flat in 2nd gear and then brush the right hand kerb in the final part. If you take too much kerb the kart will get launched and will compromise your speed at the end of the lap. On the exit of the chicane I let the kart run right out to the left hand side and activate the DRS on the exit. Keep off the kerb but use part of the access road on the left. Then grab 3rd gear. Keep the kart to the left hand side of the track as it starts to curve round towards the first corner and then change up to 4th gear as you cross the finish line to record a time of 1:18.649s at an average speed of 107.84mph.

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